UPDATE 24/1/2022!

Hi, guys! What's up?
First of all, thank you for being an awesome and patient supporters ^///^

My PreWedding photoshoot went... well, I guess? There were pleasant surprises but also hiccups.
Like my fiance not letting me get any sleep--wait, that sounds wrong. I mean, he can't sleep because we're in an unfamiliar place so he humors himself by touching my back, arm, and neck. A little childish but then again, I also can't sleep anyway lol x'D

There were also some unexpected things, like my contact lenses suddenly fell out because my eyes were too dry (from not blinking for taking photos lol). Then one of my fake nails came off too sometime in the midst of the photoshoot. 

However, the outdoor sessions will probably be imprinted in my mind for a long time lol.
So we have 2 places scheduled: Pine Hills and Stone Garden. The places are very beautiful and I looked forward to see them very much. 
There were also other people taking PreWedding photos besides us at Pine Hills. I really enjoyed the fact that the place have this positive vibe going. But then my contact lenses fell out along with one of fake nails lol. I have myopia/nearsight so I was a little bummed when I have to spend the rest of the photoshoot with blurry filter on lol. Still, the place is as beautiful as I imagined and the weather is pretty cool, minus the bugs of course.

But what shocked me the most was when we were on our way to Stone Garden.

You see, when I saw the video sample, I thought the location was near a beach. But imagine my surprise when it was actually on the MOUNTAINS. They didn't inform me so I was really shocked. Imagine climbing up the steep streets with a mermaid dress on because the car can't go further... The dress was constricting me near the knees so I can only take one short step at a time. It was excruciating :'D

Of course, I appreciate my fiance and the people that helped me to climb slowly. But no more. It's really a once in a lifetime thing 🤣

Anyways, below is a sample of one of my photos in Pine Hills (I censored our faces because we're shy).

Overall, I'm glad it's over with~ \(-^.^-)/
I've returned and ready to continue Bermuda's progress! Thank you for the patience and the everlasting support!
While I was gone, I hope all of you are in good health! Don't skip your meals and drink lots!



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My streaming community has a saying for this! "It's not a pro-stream if there aren't some technical issues!" except that it's a photoshoot rather than live gaming or arting.

sometimes it's these silly little hickups and setbacks that make these moments the most memorable! might be stress inducing, and inconvenient now, but down the road you'll be telling the kids and/or grandkids about it, and it'll be the funniest thing. Overall I'm glad to hear everything turned out well. Thankies for sharing a pic with us too!! the forest scene is beautiful, and the dress is absolutely lovely! I don't envy your having to hike in that. my legs hurt just imagining it.

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True! I will definitely remember this moment for a long time and I think I can laugh now, remembering those moments x'D

The moment where one of my contact lense sfell out, the horrifying moment where I realized I had to climb a steep mountain path--AND I had to climb a big rock at the top of the mountain for one final photo with my fiance. My feet hurts just from remembering it 🤣   

Ah, the things we do for a good-looking PreWedding photos.
Thank God for whoever invented flat shoes. I had to take them off for better grip when I had to climb that big rock though but yeah, it's definitely a 'once in a lifetime' moment rofl.

Thanks for being here, Tathalia! ^///^



Give it 10 years, your feet will still hurt at the memory... probably still hurt 10 - 15 years after, but for other reasons lol. wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment with the flasts though! whoever invented heels was a psychopath!! or else some sort of torture method inventing genius! or both! now... if  we could just find someone to make flats with good tred life would be perfect!

I'm really glad I can be here to show my supports! much loves!

OMG YALL ARE SO CUTE!!!! to think yall have come so far- 


Ikr?! I once considered to get married with my job and stay single my whole life, but then I met him and here I am x'D


Congratz! I'm personally looking forward to being engaged someday (a bit early for me now since my bf and I have only been dating a few months haha). I hope your wedding itself goes smoothly. The scenery looks absolutely gorgeous, and your dress is so pretty! Despite the mishaps, I hope everything is great. 

Awww, I also look forward to the day you deliver the good news, owo! ^///^
You will stumble, there will be fights, but as long as both of you don't let go of each other and reach an understanding, you will find happiness at the end <3

Thank you for the well wishes and for being here!


Awww, you both look so exquisite in your wedding attire! And such a beautiful location. Stone Garden also sounds lovely. That's quite the journey, though, and I'm glad you made it! You have such a wonderful, positive attitude about it all, even the hiccups, and that's so wonderful. :) I'm so happy for you!

Yep, I think we did our best, scriptomancer! x'D
There were times where I was irritated--I mean, my stamina was not the best, then there was the mountain climbing, but my fiance definitely helped me through it :'3 
We got really tired at the end but it was really worth it <3 

Thank you for being here and for the well wishes >///<


aaaa you look gorgeous🥺🥺🥺 i sincerely pray the best for the both of you💓

Hello and thank you for dropping this kind comment, Nashima0! >///<

you look stunning! And the scenery is beautiful as well, along with the groom. 

Awww, thank you, sweetginger1108!
Yes, it was a beautiful place ^///^


Ahhh you guys look so cute together! That place looks very familiar, could that be the one in Jogja...? Not sure. Anyway, please enjoy your prewedding times and don't forget to drink water! 

Thank you, El.Seth!
Close enough, but we were in Bandung! \(^.^)/
We got really lucky that it didn't rain the entire time we did the photoshoots! If you have time, maybe you can consider going there for vacation maybe? OuO

Thanks for the well wishes! I hope you also stay healthy and don't skip your meals!