UPDATE 5/14/2018!

Hey, guys!

What's up? Last week was so-so, but we reached Day 14 where the main branching is:

4,2k+ words, not so bad, right? x') It's still need a bit of polishing, but I'm quite satisfied with it!

Though I had to admit that I got a new distraction... 

Kiara is having her first shedding!
I thought the posts about huskies shedding a ton of fur are exaggerated -but I was proved wrong x'D

Lumps of fluff are everywhere! I can even pluck it off right from her fur (it's not showing here, but there's dead fur sticking out her body) and it's sort of addicting, you know that bubble plastic we often pop when we were young? Yeah, it feels like that.

The shedding might stop this week, but I dunno, I'm new to this and I'm enjoying it x'D lol, it's kinda funny that when I started winter arc, 'snow' is also falling here.

On another note...

Do you remember this?

Last year's 7th November, an admin contacted me that they wanted to use my design as in-game avatars. 

Well, I'm a gamer and it has been my long-life dream to have my design used in a game -the thought really excites me and instead of leaving this collecting dust, I agreed.

Guess what?

After 6 months, they did it! Hahah, I waited a long time for this ^^;; I got them for free, but eh, they sure take their time with it =_=; 

For those who wanted to know, the game is called Dance On. The international server is by 3 Claws.

Alright, I'm sorry and thank you for reading my ramblings >< 

See ya next week!


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Miss Designer!

I love how Kiara is standing there like "I do not either recognize or used to own any of this fur right there"  haha She's so cute!

Also, congrats on having your design picked! They are really cute and you deserve it ^^

Hahah, yeah Kiara has mastered poker face and feigns ignorance whenever I question her :") quite the contrary with Juno, who mastered puppy face and eyes to get what he wants *Sigh*

Thanks for coming by, Lucy! And yes! I'm glad to have one of my life-bucketlist to be checked >\\\<