UPDATE 31/1/2022!

Hey, guys! What's up?
Things are slowly coming into place over here, but I almost didn't realize that Chinese New Year is here! I was so busy I didn't look at the date anymore lol, but the good news is because of covid, this shouldn't affect Bermuda's progress much!

Anyways, here's what I did last week:

- I finished programming Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 of the Antagonist's route! I ended up having to rewrite the last few scenes, but I think they turned out better than expected! 

- Polished the scenes! I have a feeling that the scenes, especially the one where Maya first met the antagonist in Chapter 2, could be better. I'm having a little difficulty with the ever changing BGM ^^; the mood for that scene is complicated. I definitely have to go back there later once I reset my mind and see if there are better alternatives.

My plan for this week is to start making CGs for a change of pace! Along with more polishing of course! 
I still haven't found the right reference for the antagonist's first CG, hopefully, I'll find it soon ><

Welp, that's it for now and cheers for everyone who celebrates Chinese New Year! 
Get that red envelopes but don't forget to wash your hands afterwards! -^.^)/ 



*The author is taking a break from the Q&A session because she's out of ideas. Honestly, I'm not sure what to write in this small section anymore >_<; Do you still find it interesting? Should I continue or start fresh? Like, maybe I can write a small paragraph of a bachelor's POV or smth


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I haven't been here in months and look how much progress you've done!! I'm so proud of you! good job!

Aww, thank you, ghostyshoes! ^///^
Slowly but surely, we're getting there! Thank you for being here and for being so patient with me <3

OFC!! It's so exciting!!! <3 Just imagine the day you'll finish, it'll be so satisfying.