UPDATE 14/2/2022!

Hi, guys! 
Happy Valentine Day for everyone! ~\(^///^)/~
I'm sending my love to all of you and I hope you have a great day ahead <3

Here's a little something from me~

Also, as promised, last week's bonus (sketch CG GIF) is now available for 5$ Patrons on Patreon! -^.^)/

As for last week's progress... I was having a little problem with the 2nd CG ^^; 
I've been tinkering with the perspective along with an important item belonging to the antagonist--but the item is giving me a hard time due to its design QuQ

I ended up having to do little tricks in order to hide the flaws, I hope you don't mind ><;
In any case, CG 1 and CG 2 of the antagonist's route are 80% done! I just need to do the overall light & shadows before giving them the finishing touches OuO)b

My plan for this week is to celebrate valentine with my loved one first before going back to finish the 2 CGs & do some programming~
You know, just the usual ^///^ slowly but surely!

Last but not least, please stay safe!
Wear your mask and wash your hands often! My cousin and uncle got diagnosed positive omicron covid and while the symptoms are not dire, it's quite concerning how fast the number of infected is increasing in my area Q_Q I guess the pandemic is still not giving up this year?

In any case, here's hoping all of you are well and healthy!



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Hi, Chiel, happy Valentine's day, thank you for the hard work.

Covid spreading kinda scares me a bit :)) Stay healthy and safe too, Chiel.

I read two weeks ago, you are out of ideas for the QnA, I don't mind the QnAs, it is still interesting, but I think you can try something new to mix them up. I don't know, LI's POV is interesting too.


Hi, Chris!
Happy Valentine and thank you for always sparing some time to visit me <3

Yeah, it's definitely scary--my fiance's sister had to postpone her wedding because of the increasing numbers ;u; please stay safe and healthy >_<)/

Actually, I got a new idea for this week's bonus section! Look forward to it and tell me what you think x'D



Happy Valentines Day you beautiful person! Don't forget to stay safe too.

Happy Valentine indeed, girlygumdrop <3
I hope you had a great week and stay awesome! \(>///<)/

take your time, and enjoy the holiday, mate. you deserve it!

Hi, Captain Sayaka!
Thanks for visiting and for your support ^///^

of course!! too many great otomes fall off the map,