UPDATE 28/2/2022!

Hi, guys! What's up?
I hope you had a great week! Mine was... kinda difficult :'D

So I was in the middle of polishing a big scene in Chapter 2 part 2 when the church suddenly gave me a call.
Remember when I said I still have 'Penyelidikan Kanonik' to do? I finally found out what it called in English--Prenuptial Interview

The problem is... the auntie who is supposed to give me a call for the interview forgot to confirm the date with me AND I also forgot to remind her. What happened then was almost a disaster lmao. She actually called me and asked if I can do the interview at 9.30 AM in the morning, and it was 9.00 AM! How absurd was that? My mom and I got into a little fight with her. We were like, 'why didn't you remind us?' then she was like, 'why didn't you remind me? you were the one who wanted to get married' (yes, her words exactly).

My fiance and I almost didn't make it because it was too sudden. I mean, he had to ask permission from work and we still had to ask our witnesses to come. Fortunately, the auntie managed to re-arrange the interview to 4.00 PM... honestly, we're both at fault. I'm just glad it's over with x_x

There's still another problem though; the catholic church have this rule 'you have to wear a modest wedding gown' and I'm afraid I have to look for another wedding gown because mine isn't modest enough ^^;

*sigh* Needless to say, my plan to program at least 30 pages was gone with the wind... but I still managed to do 21 pages though!

I also checked the CG gallery and fixed an error with the daily chores system, where the antagonist events sometimes got mixed with the main bachelors' events. 

I still have some polishing to do though. There's this big event that I think will need some major revision due to it having some OOC dialogue >_< 

I will do my best, but I'll probably be a bit slow this week because I have more things to do with my wedding preparation. Like, I need to go back and forth from the church because the Father/Pastor asked me to make and print a... what do I call this in English? Wedding Ceremony guidebook? You know, the small book you give to your wedding attendants? It contains the wedding schedule, the wedding songs--basically the ceremony from beginning to the end.

Okay, I'll stop here before I talk more about unrelated things x'D
I should be talking about Bermuda but here I am, rambling about my pre-marriage difficulties rofl

Thank you and please excuse me for writing so much, I just want you to know that I will be quite busy this month :'3
Thanks again for reading and please take care of yourself!
I'll see you again next week~



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Sorry for all the extra stress it's giving ya but I'm glad even if rocky it's continuing. xD
Sorry you can't basically run off and elope like my hubs and I (basically) did. Big weddings're scary/stressful. ;w; Good luck, my friend!


The rocky road is long but yeah, I'm not giving up! x'D
Big weddings between big chinese families are truly scary ;u; I sometimes wonder how so many ceremonies are able to stay alive today, especially the complicated ones. Traditions are truly impressive, given down from generation to generation--but sometimes, I also wish I can elope like you and just make it simple lol

Thank you for dropping by as always, Seraiden <3


YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!!! AHHH THAT'S SO EXCITING! honestly that whole situation seems stressful, glad you were able to get everything situated. I thought you were rlly young too (17-19)so didn't know you were engaged!  LOL 

I'm still a small child inside and I don't wanna be an adult yet lol. Things are far from done over here and I'm afraid I'll get busier when the big day draws nearer. I hope you don't mind my age, I'm forever 17 in my heart x'D

Thanks for dropping by, ghostyshoes <3