UPDATE 5/28/2018!

Hi guys! How's your week?

Mine turned out better than I thought x'D

I had a lot of distractions last week, so I thought I wouldn't be able to meet the quota --but thank goodness I did :'D

4,9k+ words! The main story for Branch A & B is at Day 24 with Branch A going to be a lot shorter than Branch B. I say they're around... 60% now. Not including polishing & I haven't touched Branch C again ><

As for the distractions...

I'm very excited for the new Jurassic World movie (I've been a fan since movie 1 and still going strong now) and since I wasn't able to contain my enthusiasm, I made a set of LINE stickers with chibi raptors as the theme :'D

Not a very creative title, I know :'))

I'm also addicted to watching Sherlock Holmes TV series right now >< I'm at Season 3 episode 1 and I'm loving John so far x'D ...I think I may look for the novel later...


So anyways!
Here's today's bonus! It's Kahlil's turn now ;)

Thanks for reading & bearing with my random ramblings!
See you again next week!


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Must admit I'm not a huge fan of this Sherlock, but then again I dislike the actor so much that it makes it hard to me to watch anything with him. His only role I manage to like (more or less) is Dr Strange.

But Kahlil and the raptors are sooo damn cute!

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Hi Konoi!
lol, I didn't even know that Benedict played Dr.Strange AND Sherlock until a friend told me last night :'))
I swear, they looked like different people! Hairstyle & beard did a lot of differences in my defense x'D

And awww, glad to see you agree with me! >////< They're my adorbs!

Glad to see you're doing fine! The chibi raptors are way too cute haha

I absolutely love Sherlock! I've finished it and I can say for sure that you'll love John all the way haha He's so badass and cute at the same time! Also, Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock is a gift to the world~

Thanks, Lucy! I'm glad you like the raptors x'D can't wait for the movie!!

Yes! lol I love John's and Sherlock's interactions the most -that bomb scene got me so hard and man, the wedding speech! I agree all the way that Benedict did justice to Sherlock. I mean, people have their own tastes, but for me, his face just screams it x'D