Happy Idul Fitri & 7 days left until campaign is over!

Happy Idul Fitri for those who is celebrating it! x'D We're also 7 days away until the campaign is over! We're at 58% now, but the real total is $2265 so maybe around... 64%? We're still pushing so keep sharing the words, guys! 

Meanwhile, as today's special bonus, I have a fun fact to share :D Did you know that some background I made is based off real photos? If you can guess which one, they really exists! xD  Like this one for example:


Hakim Road's background is based off Jaksa Road which is a short street approximately 400 meters long in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. It's popular among locals & backpackers since 1960 because the street offers a selection of services helpful to the average budget tourist including travel agencies, second-hand bookstores, money changers, laundries, pubs, etc.

Hahahah, I can't help but to insert tid bits about Indonesia here and there x'D you will find the complete list in the Mini Encyclopedia feature later! That is... if I still have the space for it ^^; if not, I will have to put the information in the Artbook.

Alright, that's it for now & see you again at Monday! xoxo,


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