UPDATE 6/4/2018!

Hey guys! I got into 'the zone' last week! Which was surprising considering how much distraction I get x'D

6k+ words! Wooooo!

The main story is at Day 26. Branch B is at 90% and I think Branch A + C would be finished this week. The important parts need a bit of patching up, but other than that? I only need to write the lovey-dovey before we're done with Winter Arc! x'D

Honestly, I thought I wouldn't be able to meed the quota due to an artbook spree ^^; my internet got better last week so I downloaded a lot and bought Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou Artbook. I haven't even watched the movie yet (It's out at 28th February in Japan, but kissanime haven't uploaded it yet), but man, I wish I knew about it earlier!

They have lots of amazing medieval fantasy settings... (I teared up a little at the background arts. I mean, it was good enough to make mine look sloopy ^^;; but hey! I'll  suck it up for future reference!)

Man, we've gone so far! Spring Arc would be here soon and I'll finally be able to collab again with the Superbackers! I haven't communicate with them again since... months, due to concentrating on script writing x_x (Sorry! And thank you for the wait!)

Now then, let's begin the start of the month with the last mini comic and a sneak peek!

You will encounter these creatures very late in the game, so this is a very big hint of what's to come x'D I know it's just a tiny sneak peek lol a patron at patreon called it a sneak peek through a keyhole.

For your ever continuous support, I'll also release a better sneak peek for my Tier 2 ($5 and up) today!

Alright, that's it for now and I hope you guys enjoyed the sneak peek!



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