UPDATE 6/11/2018!

Hi, guys! How did your week go? Mine was so-so ><

The romantic scene was harder to write than expected -don't get me wrong, it's usually fun and I love the fluffs, but it sometimes could go very corny/awkward if I don't build up the mood correctly x'D

Not to mention I got embarrassed by myself when I write it OTL

5,6k+words! With this, all three branches are at 90%, but there's this one romantic scene that I still need to polish. I can't point my finger on what's wrong with it, but I'll re-read the whole thing later and if I still can't find what's wrong, I'll count on my proofreaders x'D

Meanwhile... I'm still trapped in an artbook shopping spree :')) I can't stop browsing lists of beautiful books and there's this one book I want, but my wallet is a bit tight so... I ended up buying an used one from Amazon x'D (This is my first time using that service, so I hope everything ends well!)


Anyways, I hope I can finish up Winter Arc this week so we can get started with Chapter 5! x'D I'm so excited! Ah, but I'll still need to find references for boss fight >< 

Oh well, let's just go YOLO or let the characters lead me lol.

Alright, I'll stop rambling now x'D Thanks for reading as always and see ya guys next week!



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YAY!! *happydance

Cool~ Romance all the way! :-) Keep them up. I cant wait to read the scenes, love romcoms !! How many chapters are there exactly? :o

Hi yohanlove! Thanks for coming by! There are 5 chapters + 1 Antagonist route so... the total of 6? X'D we're more than halfway there for the script!

Keep it up. I always love to take the Antagonist route first lol Do you play any other otome games?

Whoops, the antagonist route is locked until you played all 3 bachelor's route x'D and yes, I play a lot other otomes!

Oh noooo~ Cool, of all otomes, I like renpy made otomes the best! :-)