UPDATE 07/26/2017

Hey guys, June is already ending before I knew it O.O time really moves fast! 

Last week's progress was... not so satisfying for me u.u my internet got worse since Tuesday and I can't browse anything in the morning 'till late evening -even now, it's still PMS-ing!

The main problem is that I can't open thesaurus.com or google translate. I use those two really often, especially for synonyms or when I forgot a particular English word. I usually get really disturbed if I can't finish a sentence because of just one word ^_^;)a

Anyways! The result is:
- Edited a scene in Chapter 3 part 1 + more writing (Around 40%-ish done)

- Finished 4 old storybook illustrations (Refer to Winged Ones' opening illustrations about the Blue Crystal)

I really hope my internet will get better this week u_u; other than that, I think I will spend the last 4 days sketching more backgrounds or edit Chapter 3 part 1 before I focus on the SuperBackers~ 

Also, here's the promised full-view background sneak peek!

Currently, it is the biggest background in game x'D It should look like this later:

I hope it doesn't look weird? O.o I'm trying to show you how the lake look like without making it too flat ><

Lastly, I'm very excited to see we're nearing the end of the campaign! I'm not sure if we're going to be 100% funded, but it has been an amazing experience :'D 
Whatever happens, happens! I will keep updating every Monday! 

Thanks for reading and see you at the end of campaign! x'D



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