UPDATE 23/5/2022!

Hey, guys! 
Sorry for the late update--I've just returned from the civil registry office with my fiance >_< 
The legal documents are progressing well! All that's left is to copy our marriage certificate later + upload our legal documents to the civil registry office's website~

On the other hand, the chinese dowry ceremony is coming and things are heating up over here lol.

Personal events aside, Bermuda's programming & polishing of Chapter 3 are also doing well!

- 18 pages programmed in! I've finished the battle scene but the excitement is not over yet! The end of Chapter 3 is filled with action and the CG involved will be a difficult one--I still need to do some research about what pose/perspective is best to use (there will be 3 people in  the CG  with dynamic poses + 3 varieties planned, so I need to plan it well).

- 2nd Minigame is done! The programming went well & I've finished making the images needed for it~

- Made 1 new side character sillhouette + 2 new items

- I'm also pleased with last week's polishing result ^///^

I will be quite busy for the next few days though; there's another family meeting, finishing touches on my wedding gown + Cheongsam for my chinese dowry ceremony... you get the gist x'D

Hopefully, I'll be able to finish programming Chapter 3 this week because I want to focus on the CG~ I'm both excited and scared. I can write action scenes, but I'm not that good at drawing dynamic poses/anatomy, so... Lord have mercy 😂

Wish me luck!



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Its so crazy having followed your work for so many years since TLOWO i was so blown away by your skill putting together a great narrative experience back then and am so psyched for this next game, you have worked so hard and grown so much, seeing this project in its final stages is so impressive, you should be very proud.

Truly congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage, i am also getting married in two weeks, i will think of you and send my wishes for your celebrations to be wonderful, and your marriage even better.

You're too kind, InvaderZero! >///<
At least half of those credits goes to my proofreaders--they really worked hard on polishing my grammar and I can't thank them enough! TLOWO will always be my baby, but I'm a little worried with Bermuda because I'm getting a little too... ambitious? I mean, the plot is more complicated and I'm afraid I won't do them justice, but I'll do my best! >_<;

Thank you so much for being here, for your support, and for your everlasting patience~ It really means a lot to me, I didn't expect so many people to walk with me QuQ

And congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish it's everything you imagined and more <3 I'm sure you've worked hard and busier than ever, but it will be worth it in the end! Don't forget to get plenty of rest and I will also send my best wishes to you along with everyone else's ^///^



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Ooooh congrats on the thingies you still need to do! :D I hope they all go amazingly smooth and that it all goes well from here on out. :3
Since you want it though... definitely, good luck! All the good luck!
Also if you're worried on the CG thingy, IDK if you do or not already but maybe like playing with one of the websites that lets you pose figures around'd work for ideas/seeing if something looks okay or too wrong? IDK if that'd be easier or harder on you, tho.
Also, legitimately... thank you for putting so much time and effort in to this game for all of us, especially through these hectic times. Thank you so, so much.


Amen to that, Seraiden!
Yes, I usually browse photo references or roman paintings since they have unusual, yet attractive poses x'D If I'm lucky, I might find one I fancy from a comic/manga/webtoon... but yup, I will definitely experiment a lot during the sketching stage!

You're welcome and thank YOU for being so patient with me! I'm not the fastest developer and I could be really slow at times, but having you and the people here really gives me strength to push forward QuQ

Let's continue to work hard together, shall we?


Congratulation ヾ(•ω•`)o stay healthy even when you are busy, thanks for the update!

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Thanks for dropping by, sherene aurely!
You're welcome and you too, please take good care of yourself~ Drink lots and rest plenty ^////^)/