UPDATE 6/25/2018!

Hi guys!

How did your week go? Mine is... not bad, but not so good either ><

You see, I went out again with the family and unexpectedly went swimming with my cousins so I got myself a cramp & stiff body -yes, now my thighs are especially stiff :'))

However! I did some intense polishing last week and properly finished off Chapter 4 part 2!!

This 2.3k+ words is a scene where Maya and her group is entering Spring Village. I originally wanted to put this in Chapter 5, but it feels better here.

I also took the very first step into Chapter 5 guys!! Wohooooo!

It's not much, but it's something! x'D

In total, I wrote 2.9k+ words. Yes, I'm sorry that the word count dropped & didn't meet my quota x_x; but the swimming was really unexpected! 

And so, in hopes for you to forgive me, I decided to give you all a background sneak peek!

*drum rolls*

Here you go! The throne room!

This one have a special place in my heart --I was having some difficulties with the overall feeling for weeks until I was satisfied :'))

And finally, another tutorial step by step for my Tier 3 Patrons($10) in my Patreon! It's been a while, right? I hope it's useful ><

Meanwhile, Spring Village arc is going to be a rough ride as I'm having a vague idea of the beginning & the climax (still working on the fighting scenes T^T) I'm crossing my fingers and hoping so I get a sudden inspiration & get into the zone!

Alright, that's it for now, see ya guys next week!


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Keep at it ~!            ~(^-^)~

Thanks, Quimberlee! x'D