UPDATE 6/6/2022!

Hey, guys! What's up?
I'm sorry for the late reply~ I've just returned from my Chinese Dowry Ceremony >///< (If you're interested to see how I look like with the elders, the photo is attached below--I'm really happy with it since the photo reminds me of my fave chinese movie; Kungfu Hustle 😂)

Meanwhile the CGs progress for Chapter 3 are going well! 
I even added a bonus for you ^///^

- 1 Chibi bonus CG is done & applied! (The moving one)

- 2 CGs are at 75%! Basic coloring is done, onto the shading + last touch stage~
1 of the CGs has 2 variations & I'm really pleased with how the pose/anatomy turned out ^///^

For my $5 patrons on Patreon, keep an eye out for the full preview of the sneak peek~

- The usual polishing is also doing great! I keep surprising myself for finding new ways to improve the plot/character conversation 😂

Welp, I think that's it for now? I'm still going to focus on the CGs this week, but I need to take some rest today :'3
My hair is all stiff because of hairspray + pins, my ears hurt because the earrings are heavy, and my feet is sore ^^; 

As always, thank you for reading! I hope all of you are healthy and had an awesome week -^.^)/



Bonus Pic:


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congrats, a beautifull photo!


Thanks, sherkin!
I'm glad to hear you like the bonus pic <3 more to come x'D


Everyone looks so happy in the picture! Congrats!

Thanks, yohanlove!
I was worried but it went great \(^u^)/

Congrats you all look so lovely.


Thanks, Neneka! ^///^
It's definitely a moment to remember <3

Beautiful, such a happy photo

Awww thank you, InvaderZero~
Yep, I guess you can say it's a success x'D

Sweet! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
"My hair is all stiff because of hairspray + pins, my ears hurt because the earrings are heavy, and my feet is sore ^^" - that definitely sounds like my wedding! Ha-ha.


Rofl, I got a taste of it and my wedding is just around the corner! x'D
As always, thanks for dropping by, mif4n <3 How did your honeymoon go btw? I hope you're doing great ^///^

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Thank you. I hope you are doing great and happily anticipating the wedding :) Ah, my honeymoon was too short because we were both students and had to come back to studies. But it was good when I managed to forget about my thesis preparation xD

haha the photo is so cute!! congrats!!

Ikr? Thanks, crustiney~ >///<
There are lots of photos but this one is my definitely my fave!

The bonus pic is so cute! :D

Glad you like it, OctopusLigament ^///^