UPDATE 7/2/2018!

Hey, guys! How did your week go?

Mine was intense :'D 

I wrote 5,8k words! --Well, it's supposed to be 7,7k+ words, but I ended up deleting 1.9k+ words due to a failed fighting scene x_x


I was quite down, but managed to bounce back in a few days. Anyways, there are other things I did:

Polished Guntur's sprite (a.k.a. his eight packs. I adjusted them a little since the upper part look a bit strange)
Made a list of CGs! So far; Guntur has 12 CGs, Arya has 12 CGs, Kahlil has 11 CGs, and 11 Common CGs. These doesn't include The antagonist's CGs or the storybook illustrations (The flashback/stories about the Gods when the bachelors recall their past life/sin).

Most of all, I came to an important decision:

I originally wanted to cut down the CGs' count to half, but to compensate my late schedule/slow progress, I decided to keep allthe CGs intact + adding a few simple backgrounds in winter area & Autumn village for smoother story transition and immersion!

Let's go all out --and thank you for your continuous support! x'D 

Last but not least, calling all superbackers! Livia, Aubrey, & Tabetha, if you guys read this, please check your e-mails as I've sent the first meeting scene of your OCs to check!

Thanks again guys! Here's a cheer so everything will go smoothly --Huraaaahh!!



P.S. No sneak peek today, but there's a Fun Fact: 

One of the references I used for the Throne Room last week is the one from Game of Thrones:

However, due to the gloomy mood clashing with my bright color palate, I looked for another reference and it became what it is today x'D Can you see the similarity?

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