UPDATE 7/16/2018!

Hi-ya, guys!

How did your week go? I hope it's better than mine since I had to go to the dentist :'))

Now before I report the progress, I noticed that last week's update has a lot more of 'Thanks for sharing' reactions than 'this is awesome!' in the Indiegogo page O.o; it made me a bit worried --like, maybe you don't like the lineart? Or maybe it's just me worrying too much? ><;; (you can drop me a comment below~)


I wrote 5k words last week! The Superbackers are all done with their 1st scenes and we're steadily working on their 2nd & 3rd scenes ~

If things went smooth, I think I can finish them next week.

After I send them away for revising, we'll continue on the main story for a bit and the bachelors are going to get some romantic moments! (It's Spring! Love is in the air!) And then, *drum rolls* they will finally meet the antagonist! 

So close yet so far! >< 

On another note, I'm a bit surprised I can write 5k+ words often now O.O it's usually only around 3k --ack, I hope I didn't just jynx myself... 


Last but not least, I also finished last week's background! As usual, my Tier 2 ($5) patrons on my Patreon will get early access. As for my dear readers here, don't worry, I'll show you the preview next week ;)

That's it for now and see ya next week!


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I just wanted to leave a comment to say, that i check in every week to read your updates and have been eager to see your next work after Nusantara, dont be disheartened! with long indie development phases its hard to maintain excitement and that i suppose can come across as lost interest but im certain the success of Nusantara will carry over into your new production, Nusantara was well written and designed and truly one of the best indie otomes of the year. As someone who closely follows otome releases, i guess i just wanted to remind you that we are all still excited to see this released, one of the other commenters mentioned how much we overlook bg art in general, and its very true, personally i feel that we only will really notice the bg art in a VN if its bad or the story is bad, as it is well, in the background, thats not to say its isnt important, rather than when done well its kinda seamless with the overall atmosphere of the story, and doesnt really clash with the impact of the sprites we are engaging with, so i guess a subdued reaction to bg art is a bit predictable even if disappointing.

Hi, InvanderZero!
Thanks for cheering me up and for the reminder! >///<

I guess it's to be expected since the script writing is longer than I thought it would be. I was a bit worried and I have my doubts --but your comment here eradicates the last thread of worry I may have! Thank you for the warm support and for reminding me that you got my back covered! :'D

Please don't worry!!! The line art looks fantastic!!! In my opinion, people just like colors and character content more than bg. Bg is a little more on the underrated and underappreciated side but I understand that bg are important and even more painstaking to create so please do not worry!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and effort!!! What ever you do, do not worry about our lack of proper responses, you have our support all the way and we all can't wait to see this project thrive!!!<3<3<3

Thank you for cheering me up, ShinRannie! Q_Q
I just woke up and your post just made my day! I can't thank you enough to remind me of your support -and there's nothing that makes me happier to know you got my back :') 

Thank you for being here and watching over me! 


I usually read them, since I am ashamed I wasn't able to get the money I wanted to donate to you. However, I think you are doing a great job and shouldn't worry about the faults. If you are getting shares it's because they want others to support this great project of yours!


Hi, MiracleCatZ!
Thanks for dropping by & cheering me up! ^///^

Yes, I guess I'm a bit of  worrywart >< A lot of script writing is happening and I'm just afraid it won't be too interesting for my dear readers to read Q_Q --but glad to know it wasn't the case!
And yes, don't worry! Just letting me know you're here every now and then will be an enormous mental support!

Thanks again, MiracleCatZ ^^- see you around!