UPDATE 8/8/2022!

Hi, guys! What's up?
I was really busy last week--and I'm talking about a family getting sick together ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

It started from one person to another. Remember when I said my coworker got covid?
Soon after, I got flu + phlegm coughing + sore throat + mild fever. Fortunately, my mom acted fast and gave me some really effective meds. But it was too late, the disease spread to my mother & father in laws, and currently, my husband has started to cough lol.

The test result I got is I'm negative covid though, so I'm not sure where I got it from. Maybe it's the seasonal sickness?

Anyways, after recovering, I spent a lot of time tinkering with the puzzle minigame. 
So the problem is... I got the programming code from a freesource in Lemmasoft forum, so when I have to tweak it, it took a lot of mindpower ^^; 

But the good news is Chapter 4 part 1 is now just a step away from getting done!

- 16 pages programmed in! I'm really happy today and the reason is just below -^.^)/

- Successful polishing on Chapter 4's Antagonist character development event! I always felt like something is not quite right and I finally found the cause! It was amazing how something can change with just a difference in sentence/grammar. This is why I admire my proofreaders. Once I pass the baton over to them, I'm sure it'll become even better! 

I'm planning to finish programming Chapter 4 part 1 next week & start sketching the CGs, but I'm crossing my fingers since I still haven't found the right pose/reference ^^;

Welp, that's it for now and I hope you guys are all healthy over there!
Drink lots, eat plenty, and wear your mask!


P.S. I haven't finished playing Digimon Survive yet ๐Ÿ˜‚ 


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Youve been so busy with all the big changes in your life and working on this, but getting sick too? i hope your family are on the mend, my toddler at home tends to cycle the flu around us for a while with her sticky fingers and its hard sometimes when recovering to realise how draining it is still being unwell just because feeling a bit better usually means back to normal. i guess all this is to say i hope you are getting enough rest <3 

I can definitely relate with that x'D We're sharing bathrooms so we can't exactly avoid it.
The coughing is still cycling around us and I think I got it again lol, the weather is also not helping. It's pretty weird these days, with hot rain, hot wind, one moment we're raining the next it's sunny again. 

I think I'm pacing myself pretty well though? If things ever gets too hard, I will get some sleep earlier and drinking lots of warm water helps too :'3

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you're doing well over there! Taking care of a toddler is a big responsibility, the bundle of joy can tire us with their seemingly inexhaustible energy so make sure to rest plenty -^.^)/

Sorry you all got sick. I will say sometimes covid, esp the newer varieties wont show in nose swabs so much but if you do a throat swab, it'll be positive. ;A; Like how it was for my family. *sob* It sucked and I hope you all recover well, no matter what the ick you got is.


Hi, Seraiden!
Yes, it's quite comical for me when I think it all starts from one person and how it affects an entire family--and how we'll get sick in turn until everyone gets affected at least once x'D *please excuse my sense of humor lol, it's sometimes twisted

And I didn't even know there are throat swabs until you told me about it so thanks for the info!
I'm glad to hear you've gone through it and everyone has recovered! It must've been hard, you did a good job enduring it!  *huggs

You use one of the rapid nose swabs on the back of the throat instead, for one of the covid varieties it shows up better in the throat than the nose. I'd tested my hubs(who'd brought it back) and it was pos, and then my eldest got sick and his test was neg, my mom mentioned the thing so I used a 2nd but on his throat and BAM. Also positive.


I'm amazed with your game progress kak, still with regular updates despite all the RL schedules

Hopefully the game finished soon! 

You give me too much credit, rffknght! Ak bikin ny lama bgtt kyk semut Q___Q
it's really thanks to you guys that I'm able to fight for this long!

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you're doing well over there!