UPDATE 29/8/2022!

Hey guys! What's up?
I had a pretty tiring week, it was fun though!
My husband and I went to a friend's wedding and one of the dishes they served was sushi -^.^- 
We had a beautiful time and dare I say, the most fun we ever had in a while. May happiness and blessing go their way <3

Now then, while I'm a bit tired these days due to increasing daily chores, Bermuda's progress is still going strong! >:3


- 18 pages got programmed in! Take it with a grain of salt though. The usual polishing is underway and while re-reading Chapter 4 part 2, I think some scenes will either be revised or entirely scrapped >_<;

Anyways! To celebrate Chapter 4 part 1's completion, here's a little CG sneak peek for you~

I'm planning to make some bonus images for Chapter 4 part 2, hopefully, it will go smoothly ^.^)/

Speaking of images... apparently, there's a side CG I forgot to draw ^^; I think I will make it alongside with Chapter 4 part 2's CG. 

As always, thanks for reading the update and I hope all of you are doing well wherever you are!
Cheers and let's continue being productive this week, too! >:'D



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