UPDATE 07/03/2017

Hi guys! I've just realized I mistype last week's update date x'D (07/26/2017 >>> it should be 06/26/2017 lol).

Anyways, last week's progress is quite good! I finished quite a bit:
- 2 background sketch
- Finished 3 background line-art
- Edited script again
- Edited Spring village's background

More building backgrounds... *sobs* Oh dear, I'm going to spend a lot of time coloring them :'D and I still have 1 more to sketch! 

I also started sketching a SuperBacker's original character just now. I have at least 6 character sprites to do (with addition of minor-important characters), but I hope I can finish them this month ><; Every minor-character I make won't have any alternative pose, but SuperBacker's OC will get 1 alternative hand pose so it shouldn't take long.

Other than that... I think I got a cold ^^; I went to an amusement park with my big family last Saturday & went home quite late. Then I got a great headache, stiff limbs, + stomach ache until now hahahah. I will take it easy this week, but I'll at least do the character sketches!

Now, as usual, here's today's sneak peek!

I'm sure you guys know who this is lol... it's one of the creature sprites I made x'D next week, I'll show you the full view! I'm quite satisfied with this one so I'm sure you'll like it too <3

As for my patrons, they will get a background sketch sneak peek!

That's it for now, see you again next week :'3


P.S : 5 days left until the campaign is over! Spread the words and help an artist's living! x'D

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