UPDATE 5/9/2022!

Good evening and I'm sorry for the late update! >_<;
I've been really busy last week! 

If I was working as an admin before, sorting out sales notes, I started working at the storefront just 4 days ago! The reason being; I need to know the items we're selling + to motivate my husband to smile more at the customers lol. The cherry on top is I still have my other daily chores x_x My body and mind is a bit overwhelmed, trying to adapt, but my poor stamina can barely handle it :'D

Now before I tell you Bermuda's weekly progress, I'd like to apologize because I failed to meet the quota... *bows* m(_ _)m

- 11 pages programmed in!
I'm still in the middle of re-reading and editing winter's scenes.
I have no excuse other than feeling a tad exhausted, I've never been so active before in my life and with my body spent, I kinda ran out of brain juice ><;

Seriously though, kudos to those who are working as cashiers/those who constantly have to face customers & smile. It was a really taxing job, we need to work fast or the queue will build up. Not to mention we have to keep our temper when we're facing a picky customer/when they're the particular kind.

- The usual polishing is on progress! 
It's getting harder to find time to polish my grammar Q^Q usually, I would have time to think & find better words/sentences to enhance Bermuda--but now, I could barely find any free time to open my phone & browse novels. And when work is done, I'm usually too exhausted to re-open my laptop OTL

- 1 New Side CG, which I've forgotten to make is now finished!

The good news is I'm free from any store related work from 8th to 12th September so I will have plenty of time to work on Bermuda! Think of it as a vacation of sorts, I need to go back to my mom's house to take care of the doggos because she's going to Bali for work. 

With that said and done, all I can say is... dang, I wish I have better stamina :')

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you can give me some time to adjust to my new schedule.
I'm happy that the store is always full with customers, but at the moment, it feels like they're not giving me some space to breathe x_x
It's fulfilling but also suffocating at the same time. I hope I can find a middle ground and recover my inner peace...

In any case, here's hoping you're all well and healthy wherever you are ^///^
Drink lots, don't skip your meals, and rest plenty!



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Thankies for the update! no worries on the lateness. stuff happens, and yeah, gotta apreciate the patience and dedication of sales clerks. Manning the register can be anything, but fun.

stay Healthy and remember to take breaks. don't push yourself too hard.


You're welcome and as always, thanks for dropping by, Tathalia! ^///^
Yeah, lots of stuff happened these days but let's stay positive! There's nothing wrong with training my endurance/tolerance level lol

You too, please take plenty of rest and I hope you're doing great wherever you are <3

OK! Good report, go on!

Thank you, DimaLink~ <3