Emergency Update 10/9/2022

Guys, there's some bad news.
Remember when I said my mom was going to Bali so I gotta watch the house and the doggos?

I thought I can relax and do programming like I used to, but... this happened again:

Now you might've guessed it, but yes, I can't do any programming under these circumstances :'( 
God, I hate rainy season! I wish my house will stop leaking T___T

Now I gotta go, I've called someone to look over it and fix the darned roof. I hope it won't cave in again like before... oh please no.

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Oh no, sorry this is happening again.
I hope this can be resolved, this time permanently.
Good luck!

Yeah, it sucks Q_Q
Thanks for the good luck, I need lots of it!


I'm afraid this is a hardware problem, hope you can fix it soon!


Yes, it have something to do with the pipe in the wall--thank goodness it's not the roof leaking again, hopefully we can fix the pipe quickly and there won't be any further complication!


So sorry to hear that. (ó﹏ò。) I hope it will end up well for you.


Thank you, mif4n! Q__Q
I also hope my house won't get anymore problems during the rainy season!