UPDATE 7/30/2018!

Hey guys! How's it going for you?

I'm still typing away x'D

First off, I wrote 4.8k+ words last week -and I'm finally ready to write the romantic scenes in the Spring Village! *happydance

As always, I'm still polishing Chapter 4 part 1 and 2 --one my proofreader (KrystalFlare) had a blast correcting part 1 lol. She worked so hard, especially fixing the last 40-50 pages ><; *cough*sorry!

Meanwhile, Crystal Liu just got back from China and is trying hard to catch up! She had a rough month, so let's hope she recover quickly so we can finish Chapter 4 part 1's proofreading somewhere in August.

Oh, I also have some good news! I found Grammarly! It's a free writing app that could detect typos and even with the function of automatic grammar checker! I can also apply it to microsoft word, so I hope I can lighten the load a bit for my proofreaders ><

Other than that, nothing big happened last week :S

I did worry a lot whether I could deliver Bermuda in December though. I counted the numbers; with 40+ CGs, I had to do 5 CGs per week if I want to finish it in 2 months. That's not including the scriptwriting and programming I still have to finish so...


Let's just cross that bridge when  we come to it :'))

That's it for now and see you next week~


P.S. if you have some advice about how to better my schedule/timeline, please comment below!

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Don't stress too much about the deadlines! The most important is that you succeed to finish it and to be satisfied with it :) A polished delayed work will always be better than a rushed one, especially if it makes you stressed out.

For me, I like to have some deadlines to help me stay orginazed and motivated as I see that I'm moving forward but I do not always follow them ^^
Keep up the good work!

Thank you! QuQ
And yes! I polish a lot and I try to organize things while making a weekly quota to motivate me, but then again, I get worried a lot too ><; 
But thankfully, fortunately, you guys don't mind I take my time & even encourage me here Q_Q 

I feel really grateful & blessed now.. Thanks a lot for being here & giving me your warm support, guys!
*glomps & hugs

Well, I guess you'll be done when you'll be done - the most important thing is to be satisfied with your work!

Now, I know that when I'm struggling with a deadline for a comic or an illustrated novel or something, I tend to draw all of the pannels / illustrations that have lots of things in common at the same time - I first sketch them all, then line them all and finally color them all. If the pages contain a lot of the same characters or backgrounds, it makes sketching, lining and MOSTLY coloring way faster, since I literally color all the canvases at the same time - I apply one color to all, then the next one and so on.

Wow, that's a really good idea O.O 
By making the linearts first, it gives us more time to revise and it won't be too bad since we didn't color them yet! This is important for me since I revise a lot --especially if I found better references! >< 

And yes! I guess I better do the bonus backgrounds first before going to CGs. Backgrounds help a lot in quickening the process!
Thanks a lot for the advice and reminder Konoi QuQ 

And thanks again for coming by & encouraging me, Konoi!
*glomps & hugs

Aww, you're welcome! And glad I could help - it works really well for me, so I hope it'll help you too!