UPDATE 3/10/2022

Hi, guys! What's up?
Last week was really something, wasn't it? :') 

After the storm, I've had a lot of time to think.
I kept coming back here to re-read your comments and the more I read, the clearer my mind became. I guess sometimes, some things are not meant to be. Like many of you said, a marriage is between two partners, who understand, respect, & compromise. If only one side compromise or if only one side work on the problem while the other underestimates/ignore said problem, it won't work.

So I suppose, this is for the best.
Let me thank all of you who got my back during one of the hardest time in my life. I've come to accept this life lesson and I'll seize it as a chance to build myself stronger. Thank you for giving me strength. I'm a lucky person to have all of you in my life -^^-

*cough* Okay, let's stop here before I say too many corny things & cringe ><;
Here's Bermuda's progress last week!

- I had a great time polishing some of the more emotional scenes in Chapter 4 part 1 and 2! Instead of immersing in sadness, I forced myself to stand up and said to myself, 'use this moment to write better scenes, better sentences. Use these emotions, let it inspire you'. And to my surprise, it worked. In that state, I had a better grasp on the antagonist's character.

- I wrote more of Maya's musings for the antagonist's route. Remember the small feature where you can read what Maya is thinking if you right-click?

- Polished 1 CG of Chapter 4 part 1. Nothing big here, just small enhancements.

- 2 CGs of Chapter 4 part 1 are in progress! (Sketch Phase) Aside from the polishing, I got a little stuck on programming because I'm planning to re-organize the small scenes/fillers before the big event >< so I picked up my pen and started drawing for a change of pace.
Here's a little sneak peek I've prepared for you~

This is the spoiler-free version. For my $5 patrons on Patreon, you can see the full-preview if you're not afraid of spoilers ^.^)/

With that said, I'll try to work on more programming this week~
Chapter 4 part 2 is a little boring in the middle so I'm trying to find an inspiration in order to write more interesting small events >< a little stuck, but I'll manage somehow!

Lastly, thanks for reading and thanks again for being here when I was at my lowest :')
I hope all of you are well and healthy! Please take care, drink lots and don't skip your meal!


P.S. I'd also like to thank my mom and my doggos who have become my rock during these hard times. Even though the fur babies are exasperated at me now because I kept coming for a hug lol.


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that boy did not deserve you! STAY STRONG, AND STAY YOU!

cause you are awesome


Thanks, Captain Sayaka ^///^
Yeah, I'm not going to let this bring me down!


Happy that you feel okay. I hope you will take care of yourself more, mentally and physically. The fact that you use these feelings to perfect your craft is awesome, you are a great artist!

Thank you for the good work,



Thank you, Kris Akane! You flatter me >///<
I need to gain weight now because I've lost quite a lot because of stress--but I'm getting better! ><


I'm so sorry... It's seems surrealistic to me that, after all the planning and things you went through together, it ended so abrupt. (┬┬﹏┬┬) I just cannot believe he would give up that easily. I'm at a loss of words. I hope you don't feel guilty, because as far as I can see, you were trying your best to find a way to make things work. Please take your time if you need it. Take good care of yourself. God bless you.


I know... it also came as a shock to me, but I've learned to cope & accept it :')
Thank you for being considerate and for having my back! I'm in a much better state now! *hugs


Hello! I'm really sorry to hear that happened, especially reading everything you went through just to get your wedding planned and ready to go. Like other commenters, I'm glad he showed his true stripes now, rather than five-ten years down the line and you may have more problems to deal with, especially if it ends messy (ie. having kids or property together).

I fully recommend having a social net (besides your doggies, although that's a good one), and maybe getting some therapy to help deal with these tough times, and maybe even taking a break from Bermuda, if it helps your mental well being. I think all of us can agree that taking a break if you need it is better than forcing yourself to work through it if its detrimental to your health in anyway.

I hope everything gets better!


Hi, owo!
True, it is a blessing in disguise. I had a lot of time to think and I must say, it is a relief that I'm not pregnant or it'll become more complicated ^^;

I've also talked to my other friends and family members, they said similar things. While I feel a bit embarrassed (still need to tell the bad news to the rest of my big family members), I don't feel regret. Just a little sad and disappointed. It'll take some time but I believe I can recover from this.

Again, thank you for worrying about me & for being so considerate ^///^


Chiel, I really respect and admire your resilience through this whole incident. My mom has a saying - “everything that happens, happens for good”, and I think that’s definitely the case here for you. I’m sorry it’s been such an emotional ride, but like many have said already, it’s probably better that you found your dealbreaker in the early stages of your marriage. What a blessing that you were able to go to your mom and doggos for the emotional support (and hugs!) that you need!

Thank you for sharing your progress and  your life with us, and please feel free to keep your updates as long or short as you would like. We will read and appreciate them and you either way!

Yes, Itara. This unfortunate event definitely taught me some very good lessons.
I will keep them close to my heart now and we'll see where life guides me next x')

Thank you for trying to cheer me up and no problem! It's the least I can do, especially when all of you have shown me great kindness by reading & lending me an ear :'D

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As they say, a leopard can't change its spots. I'm sorry it came to this but I'm also happy that it happend sooner than later. Sometimes it's a bless that something does not turn out as we want. If you need someone to talk to, you know there will be at least one person here willing to. Wishing you all the best. Time does not heal but it will help. <3

Yes, takefanci. I agree that sooner or later, this problem will explode whether we like it or not.
It is a blessing that I didn't have to be part of it anymore ^^~ 

And thank you for being so considerate! I'm getting better, not fully okay yet, but I believe I can recover from this and bounce back soon! 


You don’t know me, but I’ve been married for awhile, and the fact that he was willing to give up after one fight might actually be a blessing in disguise. At least he showed you who he is in the beginning, instead of you investing years and years into the marriage. He was never going to have your back and support you. I have mother-in-law troubles too but the difference is my husband always has my back; the family you make together takes priority over the family you came from.

I’m so sorry that his is how it ended up, but you’re not a disappointment. If anything he is! He disappointed you by being unwilling to put any effort into your marriage and expecting you to do all the compromising and sacrificing!

Keep hugging those doggies!

It's nice to meet you, akasheppy.
And yes, I agree that sooner or later, this problem will explode. It is unfortunate but I had hoped he can be more mature once we get married... 'the family you make together takes priority over the family you came from.' I wish there's someone who can hammer this down that blockhead :'D

But oh well, maybe life is planning something for both me and him. I learned a lot and so should he. Life continues, but I'm just glad that I have you guys ^///^


Chiel. I am so, so sorry to hear everything that happened with your husband. I'm glad that you are starting to have some clarity on the situation, but I can understand how difficult this must be for you. Please, take as much time as you need to process and heal, there is no timeline for when you need to be better. As people were saying on the last update, you are valued and loved, and you deserve someone who will put you first. 

Again, I'm glad that you've begun to heal. Keep hugging those doggies and I know you'll get through it. ♡♡


Thanks, LainyBug!
I got a lot of time to think and a lot of people who support me. For that, I'm already grateful ^///^
Currently, I'm trying to gain some weight (because I've lost quite a lot when I was stressing over it)--but I'm doing better now! No need to worry!