UPDATE 8/6/2018!

Hi guys, how did your week go?

Mine is almost a nightmare :'D

You see, I spilled water on my laptop's keyboard.

It was an accident! I swear! Q_Q
My keyboard immediately went haywire on me then; the caps lock stayed on, some keys are not responding, and the numbers became symbols, like 1 became ! and so on...

I was panicking and the dumb thing is I didn't shut down my laptop before trying to wipe off the water! OTL

When the keyboard still didn't function correctly the next day, I strapped my bag and went to a laptop service store --the same one that I went to when the hardware broke.

After some testing, thankfully, fortunately, only the keyboard is broken and the water didn't seep into the motherboard of anything! *insertheavenlymusichere*

Changing the keyboard into a new one is already costly so I know that I won't be able to afford to buy a new laptop if the motherboard is fried :'D 

That's why I'd like to thank my patrons in my Patreon and you guys that have donated for Bermuda's sake! m(_ _)m *bows* it's really all thanks to you that I have the funds to repair my laptop again :'D I promise, I learned my lesson and water is not going anywhere close to my laptop again. ever.

As for last week...

I wrote 3.4k words. It's mainly the draft for Arya's and Kahlil's romantic scene --the progress is not as much as I'd like to, but I think I did a pretty good job considering the almost-life-or-death situation ><;

I also polished some things in Chapter 4 part 2 before giving it to my proofreaders! They have a busy schedule these days, but Liu said she's going to aim for August so we can quickly move on to Chapter 4 part 2!

Lastly, I also have a special sneak peek today:

This is the Spring Village's BGM! Do you like it? :3
Drop a comment below so I'll know whether you think it's suits Spring Village or not~

That's it for now and see you again next week!

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oh cool. sounds like a 90s or early 2000s gameboy game sountrack! or perhaps, middle ages gametrack haha :') i love it! reminds me of a game used to play on the nintendo ds


Thanks yohanlove! Gotta say I love 90s or 2000s soundtrack the most x'D they're really momerable and I guess they're what defines my music taste!

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The music sounds amazingly peaceful and kinda empowering heh ^.^ and also quick question: just curious, is the full game going to have a price tag or will it be free?

Thanks angelinachea! Glad to hear you like it!

The price tag for Bermuda will be $15, but there's an early bird pack you can buy via the paypal button in the page ^.^- I think I still have some stock for that if you're interested.

Ooh i see, cool man I don't have paypal xc but what's in the early bird pack? If you don't mind me asking.

The early bird pack is $10 and it includes a special wallpaper + the full version game!

I'm sad to hear you don't have paypal, but you can always buy it through itch.io later if you want to ;)

And no problem at all! Ask me anything of you have any other questions~

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Ah i see, so the early bird is available to purchase through paypal? Well one way or another I will definitely purchase the full game to play :)

yup, I'm sad to tell you that the early bird is only available via paypal now >< the one via indiegogo is already all sold.

Thabk you for the support! QuQ

I agree with the previous comments, the music sounds great - it's really amazing. 

Funny how it would also fit the game I'm working on, even though it's too early for me to think about music right now.

Aww thank you! 

You can also use it if you want to! Eveything in Incompetech Royalty is free to use there, just make sure you put the credits in the end and you're good to go ^.^-

Let's both work hard on our games, Konoi!

Ah, thank you! I'll remember that! For my main game I insist on having an OST made, but I have a secondary project that will probably have royalty free music and it would fit it too, so thanks!

I could listen to the music all day. I love this music.  Definitely gives of the vibe of a happy little village plaza.

Same here, it sounds great!

Thanks SkyDragon3564 & LonelyLawyerGamer!

I'm alsos glad to have found this gem! X'D