UPDATE 10/10/2022!

Hi, guys! What's up?
How was your week? Mine was so-so, nothing unusual happened.

If anything I'm grateful because a lot of people have shown me their concern over what happened 2 weeks ago...
Ever now and then, I'll feel a little sad or disappointed whenever I recall those memories, but never regret, which is why I'm slowly getting better. I look forward to where life brings me next--and of course, I'm not going anywhere near my ex-husband.

Currently, I'm trying to gain weight because I've lost quite a bit because of stress. I also need to work on my stamina again but other than that? Same old, same old~ Let's walk forward one step at a time, okay? ^.^)/

In any case, Bermuda's progress is doing well!

- 17 pages are programmed in! I'm still in the middle of polishing and re-arranging the small events! It's a little difficult because I'm planning to rewrite some small scenes to better ones/more amusing ones >_<

- 2 CGs for Chapter 4 part 2 are at Lineart Phase! I primarily focused on the hands/body proportion. It's coming up great!

Well, that's it for now and thanks for reading as usual!
No matter where you are, I want you to know that thanks to your comments/encouraging words, someone is able to look up and move forward quickly :')
Please take care of yourself! Don't skip your meals, drink lots, and smile!



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Been essentially since the beginning since I saw anything, though I've kept a general eye on your updates through my email. At this point in my life I'm not playing as many otomes (sadly) but I still keep an eye on yours just because of the work time and effort you have put into this game. Great job Chiel! I can't wait for the day the full version is released <3

Aww, thank you, Rin!
This has been a really long project isn't it? ^^; I really need someone to give me a hand on time management... Q^Q

But in any case, I'm glad to hear my effort can inspire you/encourage you in some ways! It's a little sad that you don't play otomes anymore but hey, take it easy! You can always come back when you have time/want to read something to relax, right? ^///^ 

Here's hoping you're alright over there--take care and I hope you stay healthy!


Aloha ! I'm glad to have some news ! I didn't respond as often i would like but in the precedents posts, the other would write what i though and in better words ^^. But i want to say, you are strong, you have my admiration. Keep it on ! There always the sun behind the clouds ! On a more positive note, if you were in France, i would cook you some crêpes, you will gain some weight alright x) ! Lot of hug and take care !

Wow, you're making me crave some crêpes now x'D
I think I can smell it--is it savory or sweet? I like both of them <3

Thank you, Lilynthra! *hugs
Yes, I also believe the sun will come out after the rain, or even a rainbow :'3

Well, the secret is to make the dough (not sure if it's the right word...) not too sweet, it need to be light so you can use the garniture (trim in english i think) to make what you whant to eat ^^! When i make them for my friends, generally we have one or two crêpes with a garniture like fried egg with grated cheese on top and ham under or a salty sweet mix like goat cheese with honey, not everybody like it tough. Then ! We go for some sugar flavors ! The best drink to serve with is some cider if you really want to go all x).

If you want my recipe, juste say it ^^! Well...i think i have already written enough about food now... 

Lot of hug and thanks as always to your kind answer <3


I will say if the sadness/grief comes in waves, that's okay, it happens. I was in an abusive relationship even when I was isolated, he took over my money/ruined my job prospects, and even got physical and even knowing I was in a better safer place once I got away, every once in a while a wave of grief'd just wash over everything, and my brain would do the whole "But what about ____? It was nice then."
If it happens, it's okay but don't fall for your brains evil lies/trying to gloss over the bad times, too.
Def focus on yourself and your health though. Because legit, you are important and deserving of being comfy and happy. :< *hugs* Stay safe and be kind and gentle to yourself.


*hugs* Thank you for sharing your story with me, Seraiden!
True, the memories lingers and like you said, it's okay. We all got our ups and downs, this one is just one of them--albeit bigger x') We fall but we will find reasons to stand up again. It hurts but I believe the scar will make us stronger! 

My mom told me not to cry, we need to be strong to face the world. This is life. While it's beautiful, it's also sometimes cruel and unfair. Do not show your weakness because it will give people a reason to look down on you. 

And yes! All of are unique individuals and everyone have their own stories to tell, but we're equally deserving to be happy, so yeah, let's find our happiness, Seraiden! :'D


Hey, SweetChiel! Sorry it took me so long to respond. I read your other responses but I didn't have a chance to sit down and formulate my thoughts until recently, but now it feels like those words are no longer necessary and it's better to move forward. I am so happy that you are feeling a bit better. It's natural to feel sad about this type of situation for a long time, but that you don't feel regret is key. In so many ways, you are back where you were before, but also somewhere completely new. You have this experience now, and can use it for positive growth and change. As long as you are happy, that's all the matters. I'm cheering for you!! And right back at you - don't YOU forget to skip your meals, drink lots, and smile! :)

It's alright, scriptomancer!
I'm already super grateful for you to give me so much advice ^///^ I mean it when I said I wanted to print some of your quotes and hang it on the wall lol. And yes, while this bump will hurt for quite some time, this lesson will definitely help guiding me to, hopefully, Mr. Right. I'm not giving up on love, baby! x'D

You too, please take care and stay healthy! I hope you're happy no matter where you are <3