UPDATE 24/10/2022

Hi, guys! What's up?
How's your week? Did it treat you kindly? Mine was pretty bad :')

So the relatives of my husband (should I say ex-husband now?), finally reached out to me and told me they want to hear my side of the story.
I told them everything, openly, including what I shouldn't have done/could've done better but my temper got the best of me. Overall, they disagree with lots of things involving mother-in-law's way of doing things & they looked like they agree with me; that my ex-husband should've been more responsible & more independent. Especially when it comes to working ethics.

In any case, I told them that my heart is not in it anymore. Especially when my ex-husband said 'whatever' when asked if he wanted to continue our relationship or not. So... yeah, I don't know where this is going. I guess they won't leave me alone ๐Ÿ˜‚ Let's just say God has a plan for me and I can only hope for the best. I doubt that my ex-husband would agree to start living in a rented apartment tho, leaving his anime figures and all, but when that happens... I don't know. Will it be worth it to give him a second chance? But I suppose, this will conclude any 'what ifs' situations/doubts.

I got a lot of thinking to do, but before that, let's see Bermuda's progress last week!

- 19 pages got programmed in! Please take this with a grain of salt, I'm in the middle of re-writing the last big scene and I'm still a little stuck at the middle parts ><

- The usual polishing is underway~ the latest fighting scene is doing well! OuO)b

- Lots and lots of CG sketches... but none of them are useable Q_Q after the relatives visited me, my emotions are all over the place, so maybe that's why? I need to take a deep breath and find my inner peace ><

- Shout out to Potatoe Bear who commissioned me last week~!

Last but not least, I hope all of you have a better week than mine ^.^)/
Don't skip your meals, drink lots, and don't forget to smile! Here's hoping I can finish Chapter 2 Part 2 next week!



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Hi Chiel, been a while since I wrote around here something but think it through for what's best for you.

From what I got to read your situation is messy but hope you can go through this standard tall even after all the hardships this was.

Personally would not recommend go back, if someone is not willing to help or hear u it just trouble in the long run, talk from a case I see way to often that is not me but it hurts to see someone that ended trapping themselves in it.

Hope that whatever the outcome the major factor is that you will be able to be in a place you don't feel excluded or pressure, that it doesn't become a situation you have to endure.

Wish you the best, you are a brilliant person and alway take in mind that you deserve good things, you are worth it after all.

Thanks for your hard work.


Hi, Romy Akari/Romy350!
It's been a while indeed! It's good to see you again ^///^

Yes, after all this trouble, I'm expecting that nothing can get any worse from this so I'm pretty calm now. Like you said, I see little reason to go back because I don't see myself happy in the long run (or is it my pessimist side talking?) 

In any case, thank you for the advice and for dropping by :'3
I also hope you're okay no matter where you are! Please take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Hey, I only recently discovered your games but I just want to say that I really love your work.  And, for someone who writes creates such understanding characters who clearly know the definition of "support system" (and a few who clearly don't lol), you definitely deserve the same.  Everyone does, but Otome/Dating Sim writers.... y'all show us how to be better in our own relationships.  Y'all show us how to have tact, patience, understanding, and listening skills in a safe environment.  

So... I hope, whatever happens in your future, you know how much of a difference you've already made.  And that myself (and probably everyone else here) hopes that you get the love and joy you deserve in your own life!


Hi, missing_aria!
I'm glad to hear that my games are still able to inspire/enjoyable to new people! ^///^
Yes, as story authors, the plus is we learn faster about relationships and hopefully, we can touch other people's heart through our stories or plant good morals or like you said, teach people to have tact, patience, understanding, and listening skills...

After everything is said and done, thank you for dropping by, missing_aria <3
You said it, all of us deserve to be happy so no matter what happens, let's do our best in everything so we don't regret it! ><

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Hi Sweet,

So much has happened!!! The last update I saw was about the leak and honestly, I didn't expect to hear from you for a while until that was fixed. As I caught up on the updates...it breaks my heart that you're going through this. I certainly was not expecting you to program while dealing with all this. I commend you and admire your perseverance for sticking with it all these weeks and working on Bermuda Triangle. I'm excited for it to be released, but I hope you are also taking enough time for yourself and your mental health. That comes first. 

Hi, girlygumdrop!
Speaking about the leak, it's all patched up now and I think everything is good now! *yay!*
Thank you for taking the time to read so many of my updates in one go! While it's been hectic and I got my mind all over the place, I always returned to Bermuda. I suppose the weekly updates have been engraved to my bones x'D 

But yes! I'm taking enough time to rest. The doggos have become my rocks these days; hugging a big fluffy doggo feels heavenly and kept me far away from negative thoughts :'3

You too, I hope you're doing great over there! Please take care and don't overexert yourself!


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Hello Chiel, thank you for the good work. Honestly, if I still lived in Tangerang, I would actually appear in front of you, shielding you, and kicking people.

Just kidding.

Your heart is not in it anymore and he just says whatever. I think there's a lot of info already from that sentence alone. It's easy to draw a conclusion from that.

Whatever it is will happen, we will still be here. Take care of yourself.



Hi, Kris Akane!
Your first word successfully made me smile ๐Ÿ˜‚ oh silly me and my sense of humor *cough*

Thanks for sparing some of your time to show me your support <3
You already cheered me up by saying you're willing to kick people for me lol, I really appreciate that. Really, thank you for having my back!


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Hey Chiel. Sorry I missed all the drama.  Honestly if your heart isn't in it anymore, don't go back. Move forward with your life. He's not willing to listen and respect you at all. You deserve better than this.  It's a shame  things haven't worked out,  but I don't think going back to him is going to change anything.  Especially if he's not making the effort  to get you back. 

Seems to me he doesn't care at all.  If he wanted you back,  he'd fight for you.  

I don't know him or you very well, but it seems to me  trying to make things work when he obviously doesn't want to is a one way street leading to more serious issues in future

It's up to you, but my advise is to leave him in the past and move forward. Of course it isn't easy it's better said than done, but I think you'll find that  the heartache now  is worth it in the long run, considering you'd just be miserable if you went  back to him. 

It's okay, princessbarb21!
The drama is still here and I think it will still continue? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I mean, every time I thought I'm finally free, they returned and gave me more things to think about. But yes, you're right. I need to move forward with my life.

The memory lingers but I'll find a way to move around it >:') 
Life is full with ups and downs, when we're down, there's only one way left; up! We need to grasp our happiness with our own hands! *you might find these quotes familiar because I've been looking up quotes to stay positive >_<*

Thank you for dropping by and giving me your support, princessbarb21!


You can do it! I know it's tough, I've never been married,  BUT I have had an ex I was engaged to on and off that  I couldn't let go.  Soo i do know how tough it is to not  want him back.

We were on and off  since I was 14 and he was 16 I think.  took me a little over a decade or so to finally  move on. 

He did fight for me in my mid 20's after changing and realising he took me for granted but in the end I didn't love him like I did anymore so it was too late.  I let him go telling him that he's doing nothing wrong things are great but I can't string him along, he deserves better.

Of course  he tried to fight for me again but I wouldn't have it. Told him no.  He did give up eventually. 

we don't see or talk much anymore.  only once or twice a year on his birthday and sometimes Christmas.  Just a short few texts and that's it.  Honestly  I should have just stay friends with him  we didn't fight as much and were better for each other as friends.  we bought the worst out of each other in a romantic relationship.

But anyway enough rambling on-  Try blocking their numbers if they keep  sticking their nose where it doesn't belong or get a new number. Refuse to see them.   You have a right to divorce someone that doesn't respect you.  Seems to me they only care about how other people would see them because their family member can't keep his wife.  

Best of luck  in the coming weeks and months.   Allow yourself time to grieve don't expect yourself to move on quickly. It would be so much simpler if we could move forward quickly but we can't.   

Also remember that  there are people to talk to when you need to vent to someone you're not alone.  

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Hey there Chiel ^^ Like some of your other commenters, I have not been here since your wedding, but I always get the updates sent to my email and always get a warm feeling inside knowing how hard at work and dedicated you are to this game. I've been following for years since I was a young teenager (24 now) and enjoy not only your artistry but also who you are as a person. Your kindness, passion, devotion, reliability...I've never met you in my life so I guess it's only my assumptions but my judgement based on your words and actions lead to seeing you as a very wonderful person with a big heart of gold.

That's why it saddens me to see you going through all this pain. That's why I think that you deserve someone who's going to see all those wonderful traits about you and will appreciate you. You deserve to be appreciated for all those wonderful aspects that make you who you are. If some stranger online can sense how amazing you are, then someone who is/was literally married to you should be seeing that ten-fold. (Really these men should be groveling at your damn feet and worshiping the ground you walk on but I'll reign back my personality for now ._.) ^^" You don't deserve to be just tolerated, you don't deserve to be someone's "Whatever". You're worth more than that as a person. I went back through some of the previous updates to understand the situation a bit better, and...throughout all those updates, there's not at one point where he even attempted to compromise or care or understand your feelings.

I just had a conversation recently with someone about relationships and how how people respond to conflict says a lot about them. (It's almost good to have slight conflict early on when dating someone in order to see how they react, though that's not to say to make conflict up lol!) But how people respond to conflict says a lot, and he's the type to shrug his shoulders and close his ears. That's in no way a healthy strategy for a healthy relationship; the biggest downfall in relationships is actually bad communication. In this case, it's not even just bad communication but also that he does not care and is not willing to fight for you. He never compromised either. Those are literally 3 major core parts of a relationship (compromise, communication, and actually loving/caring for your partner) and I have yet to see him display one....I think you should go back and read the comments in the devlog you had that said "emergency update;" also read your own words. I don't want to be someone that tells you what to do, but....to me I honestly can't see what he has left to offer you. I think giving him another chance would be holding on to something that once was; holding on to an idea of someone versus who they actually are.

I think it's hard for you because you see it as him changing after taking over his parent's shop. I'm sure it's crossed your mind that "If he just gets away from them, he will go back to his old self who was fun and happy, and we'll be okay again." But the thing is, even if he gets away from the shop...he still did not see you as someone worth fighting for or trying to compromise for. He never gave you any effort. Your marriage is not the priority to him. And again, it's not even about priority but the fact that he didn't even care to fight for you. Even if he still gave the shop priority and attempted to fight for your relationship, maybe it would have been salvageable. But he never attempted that even before things got to this point. Yes people can change for the worst but....I don't think it's a matter of him changing, I think it's never been in his nature to fight for you.

I'm very about like people feeling confident in themselves and loving themselves and respecting themselves. I have my own insecurities just like anyone else but I also got to a point in my life where I respect myself enough not to tolerate mess. It doesn't even take you being fully secure in yourself or fully loving yourself to have respect for yourself. I think it takes a level of self love and respect to love someone else while being able to separate yourself from them because they damage your energy and don't appreciate you (and quite frankly, he does damage your energy. You have to force yourself to update sometimes because you're so sad, and this is something you LOVE doing. It shouldn't be like that). Most people have that self respect in them even if they don't see it. The fact that you made yourself clear and tried to compromise and stood up for yourself shows that you do have the respect for yourself to not be treated as someone's option. I'm so proud of you and happy for that because it's not easy at all to separate from someone you love. But the value you have in you as a person and the love you give and all the amazing traits that make you YOU....all of that deserves to be celebrated and appreciated. You deserve to receive the love that you give back to others. The person who marries you shouldn't even be able to imagine life without you. So I think my stance is pretty clear on about giving him another chance ^^" Unless he does a full 180 and changes his actions, but...quite frankly, I do think you deserve better.

And I'm religious like you as well and, sadly it often leads to long, unhappy marriages for many people because of the religious implications tied into it. A lot of traditional people see it as inescapable. My mom spent 13 years of her life being unappreciated by my dad due to religion. She married him a bit too soon and when she shouldn't have really because they wanted to follow the no sex before marriage thing. He honestly was never a good match for her. Some dude warned my mom about him before the marriage and said he was a "dog" lol, warning him about my dads cheating ways. She never straight up caught him cheating but she kept finding evidence of him talking to women and things like that to the point where it lead to a divorce (he literally had a woman over our house when we were out of town who could describe our house in detail!!!) I was there with my mom through it all as a kid, from her finding the emails and texts and talking to her friends and crying. I saw it all. And honestly I just wouldn't wish a long and unhappy marriage on anyone for the sake of religion or convenience or holding on to memories. She literally did so much for my dad and he did nothing. He did yard work and stuff, built a deck in the back lol but in terms of doing literally anything else, he was trash. My mom was basically a maid. She deserved better than him. She also had us as kids which made it harder to want to leave, and a very expensive house. At least you are financially independent with no kids, it makes it easier to walk away.

Anyways, I think I made this wayyy too long haha, but I just wanted to show my support. I'm not anyone important or credible to give advice honestly LOL but, if you ever do need to talk to someone in more detail, I'm willing to listen! My twitter is "simplyxki" if you want to reach out (my previous twitter got banned for arguing with people LOL but it was the same handle as my personal IG which is justxkiera) so feel free to reach out.

I'm going to leave off with a light-hearted TikTok for you lol! I'm not a huge fan of these TikTok kids (*shakes cane in the air*) but this one was quite funny and fitting. Explicit/NSFW in dialogue so keep that in mind xD Might not be your type of humor since it's rather crude but idk maybe it will make you laugh haha, I send it to all my friends who go through issues with guys and it's saved to my phone!

Video (13 secs) (original video deleted so this is a duet/reaction video)

LOL basically that's my way of saying that there are guys out there who will appreciate you more than he ever could (going back to the "worship the ground you walk on" bit ๐Ÿ˜‚). There are 7.8 billion people in the world now, there's definitely a better option out there somewhere that will give you what you deserve.

We love you and will always be rooting for you and your happiness! You deserve nothing less than the utter love and happiness you put out into the world! Thank you for being you and I hope you go to heal from this, no matter what happens. And I'm serious when I say my inbox is completely open if you'd like to talk! I'm the therapist friend for sure haha. And take a break if you need to! None of your fans that have stuck beside you this far would ever hold it against you to take any breaks! Take time for self care, even if you have to set an alarm every day to stop what you're doing and focus on some sort of self care. Whether that be eating some good food, sleep, watching/reading something, mediation, exercise...whatever helps you relax and what you consider self care. You deserve it love!


OMG, midichats... you're the first person to write me such a long comment, it almost feels like I'm reading a letter! Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, I'm really happy and flattered >///<

You give me too much credits though. I'm not that amazing, I'm just like you, someone who is trying to stay positive and pay the bills :'D  I have my flaws but I'm sure all of us have our own difficulties. But yes, I agree that all of us deserve to be happy and not be someone's 'whatever'. We take marriage seriously because our intention is to have a partner who will accompany us until old age/death, but I guess it's just me who is ready to commit... or maybe our wedding vows hold different weights. This is an important lesson to me, and let this be a warning to all of us, sister! Choose wisely! Q^Q

Still, to have someone grovel at my feet would be too much, don't you think? ๐Ÿ˜‚ 
Thank you for taking the time reading my old updates to get to know my situation better though >///< You're so considerate and thorough! 

And as much as it saddens me, you're right. How people respond to conflict says a lot about them... I guess it's partly my fault, because I trust him too much. When we were dating, we didn't go out much because I was an introvert. We also didn't fight much--except when I got into conflict with mother-in-law involving my pre-wedding dress. I should've seen the signs. Back then, he did nothing when his mother forced me to use his sister's dress instead of the one I've chosen. I thought he would be better after we got married, I thought maybe he'll at least warn his mother when she becomes too much of a perfectionist, but I was wrong :')

Somehow, you remind me of scriptomancer. She also radiates confidence and a no-nonsense person x'D Until now, I still remember her words, 'if you want to live that way, you shouldn't have married me because it's not happening!' . Your words also struck me deep, especially this one; even if he gets away from the shop...he still did not see you as someone worth fighting for or trying to compromise for. He never gave you any effort. Your marriage is not the priority to him.

Thank you... I always felt like I'm married to a child instead of a man. I mean, he didn't seem to understand that we're supposed to try and make our own family, make our own story. Not to integrate with his parents. I'm his partner, why can't he see that? *sigh* I'm still frustrated whenever I think about it.

And I'm sorry to hear about your mother :'(
But you know what? I think if your mother have a chance to start over, she'll do the same, because even though your dad is a... excuse me, a 'dog'. She'll do it all over again to have you and your siblings! Believe me when I say a mother's love is the greatest thing on earth :') sure, there are a few mothers who gave up/didn't have the capability to commit raising a child. But once they put their mind on it, they'll love you more than they love themselves. My mom was harsh and sometimes could be like a godzilla, but as I grow older and know of her difficulties, I love her more than anything else now. Although, as Asians we still have a hard time expressing our love x'D

Thanks again for the love and support! I'm taking note of your twitter and IG! Look out because you got yourself a new stalker ๐Ÿ˜‚ Oh, that video was also hilarious! Even if it's a little crude, I get what you're trying to say rofl. 

Last but not least, I hope you're doing great no matter where you are! I hope all of us will find happiness in life <3
Lots of love & hugs,



Hi ! I haven't been on itch.io for a while, I've missed a lot ! :( I don't think I'm qualified to give advice on the matter so I will only say this : listen to yourself and your intuition, only you know what's best for you ^^ You're an awesome person, please take care of you ! :)

Hi, Mylane!
It's okay, your presence here already gave me strength! Thank you for dropping by and for reading my updates despite its lengthy size x'D

You too, take care and I hope you're doing great no matter where you are!


Well, it's nice that they reached out to hear your side of the story and didn't just disregard the situation. Still, family is complicated, and it can be difficult dealing with your own relatives even when you know they are wrong. Still, I think this boils down to something very simple: the relationship between you and your ex-husband. It seems forever changed. When it came down to it, he was unwilling to compromise for you or to fight for you. You have shown reflection (when you explained what you could have done better, etc) and he hasn't shown any reflection at all. His "whatever" comment certainly makes it seem like he doesn't even want the relationship back, more that he feels pressured by family to try again. I don't know how you feel about him now, but can you honestly say you are still in love with him? Not care for, not even love, but in love. And if the answer is no, then I think you know what comes next. If the answer is yes, then it's worth pursuing the possibility of reconciliation, but only if he is all in. If he's not, then the relationship will never move forward and you will wind up hurt again. As you said, God has a plan. The best thing you can do is pray about it. :) And also make sure you eat plenty and drink lots of water, too! Good luck finishing up Chapter 2 Part 2!

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True, it's anything but simple. My mom also speak the same, that my ex-husband is still they key in this matter. But if you ask me, the more time passes, it only becomes clearer that the man is too prideful/has no intention to fight for me :') 

If you ask me whether I still love him or not... no. It feels more like I'm taking responsibilities now rather than acting out of love. When the relatives asked me, I also told them to ask my ex-husband first because I won't accept 'whatever' as an answer and like you said, only if he's all in :'D 

Thanks again, scriptomancer <3

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I mean... his relatives are cowards too. They agree that his and his mother's behavior and attitude is bad and that it negatively impacted you, but they want you to go back to him? Nah. Maybe they like your work ethic around the store. Free labor. Yay.....

Sorry if that sounds cynical. Some families can be weird and ugly or develop hurtful dynamics. After my grandfather died my paternal side of the family went nuts and his two daughters attacked my mother who isn't even blood related. So please stay safe and don't give in.

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Hi, Amberbaum!
It's okay lol, I'm also pretty cynical these days because I have a lot to think about, especially when there's no response from my ex-husband's family (I'm sure his relatives relayed my words). Honestly though, I'm glad they at least listened & take me seriously. 

I also agree that some families can be weird... I'm not one to say though, because whenever I said I'm content staying at home, reading novels/watching netflix and not going outside for months, I get weird looks ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

I'm sorry to hear about your mother D: is she okay now? Gosh, your grandfather must've been the one holding the reins on those two and when he's gone, they went wild x_x I hope your family is doing great now and happy!

Eh, there's plenty of people that are more of a homebody or like hedgehogs. They like the comfiness of their home. And the quietness. I also rather stay at home or go to a museum before walking into a bar. We all just have different tastes.

As for my mother. She is angry and these two haven't apologized. Basically after their father(my grandfather) died half of his children went a bit nuts. He said please don't quarrel amongst each other after I'm gone. Welp, they did it anyways. My paternal family side has their own trauma and the children just can't accept that they may be better off taking some therapy. Their grandfather was a monster. And since it's a farmers family that means a big house with many children and the grandparents under one roof. Needless to say pretty much anyone hated my great-grandfather. All these old family issues from my grandmother's and grandfather's side resurfaced with the death of my grandpa. Generational trauma and unresolved issues are a pain in the butt.

So... I don't know what's up with the family of your Ex, but maybe it's better not getting roped in. I just hope for you that his family won't turn into rats and being all two-faced depending with whom they are talking to. Slander is ugly and destructive. That's just the worst-case scenario I'm painting here. Maybe they are verbally tearing him a new one right now, because he went "whatever" on his (ex)wife.

Either way, and it may sounds callous and weird talking like over the internet, but "whatever" is not good enough. I asked my mother if I did the right think to share my opinion with you. She said that you are very brave and strong and "Thank god they don't have children. That would have made it so much worse and so much harder and scarier for her." My mother was the poor sob that had children with a man who didn't know that he was depressed and didn't wanted couple therapy for the sake of the marriage. Ended in an ugly marriage and a divorce. Whatever is not acceptable. I'm glad that you are away from him.

I hope that things turn around for the better for you, I haven't been in itch very much since your wedding so while I am very surprised I'm glad that you seem to be okay, all things considered. Best of luck!!


Hi, tinygremlinqueen! 
Yes, life have been keeping us busy, which is why I'm glad you still remember me and check up on me ^///^ I also hope you're okay over there, take care and cheers!

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Hiya SweetChiel! I just caught up with your updates and I can't believe that so much has happened. Though I can't offer any advice regarding the topic, I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers. Semangat!!

Hi, Elseth!
It's no problem at all, I'm already grateful that you've always spare some time to read my updates ^///^ Let's keep working hard together! Semangat!