UPDATE 8/13/2018!

Hey, guys! What's up?

I had quite the adventurous week, but I managed to meet this week's quota x'D

I wrote 3.5k+ words! The romantic scenes are all done for Guntur, Arya, and Kahlil, but they still need some intense polishing --I think the flow isn't smooth enough and even a bit cliche :'D

I also wrote some in-between scenes, each differs depending on whose route you're in.

Other than writing and catching plot bunnies, I went to the dentist again and I spontaneously joined a drawing competition yesterday :'))

I didn't plan to join since I only knew about it a day before it happens, but I thought it could do some good, since I'm getting bored with writing all day x'D

Sadly, I didn't win this time.

I think I divert from the theme too much. It's Indonesia's Superhero and I took inspiration from a folklore figure called Nyi Roro Kidul. She's a bit too similar to her and she wore Kebaya, not a skin-tight bodysuit + a mask like general Superheroes, so...

Yeah, they said 'She can't be identified as a Superhero at a glance' and that's my losing grace :'))

I reflected and I think this happens 'cause I didn't have time to practice x_x I also focused on the text 'Ksatria Nusa' on the poster too much. It means 'Islands Warrior/Knight' so I kinda forget about mainstream Superheroes *cough*

Okay, that's it --sorry for rambling x'D Ah well, at least I get to know how far I could go with 3 hours now :'D

Last but not least, I'd like to take some vacation next week since... 18th August is my birthday! x'D

To celebrate, I'll release a free .psd file on 18th August for everyone! At first, I was thinking about another background .psd file, but I changed my mind :'3

17th August is our Independence day, so I think it's better to upload something with an Indonesian theme. I'm also quite proud of my competition result and I think it will give some insight/tricks to those who want to do some fast painting!

Here she is:

I collected some references in a rush, but she turned out much better than I expected x'D 
Of course, you can ask anything via commenting. Oh! I'll also add the reference images as a bonus~

Alright, that's it for now and see you again next week!


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