UPDATE 31/10/2022!

Hi, guys! What's up?
Thank you so much for everyone's concern & replies! QuQ
This is why I kept coming back here. Reading your advices did wonders to my nerves, I can calm myself better & sort out the facts. 

When they visited, there are some things I forgot to tell them because there's just too much to say/remember... But like some of you said, I don't think it's worth it when the man himself doesn't want to fight for me. It's exhausting. Especially when I found contradictions with the relatives words, like; they said my mom in law told them that my ex-husband have tried to fetch me but I didn't want to. When clearly, no one came to fetch me. I don't know who lied, my ex-husband or the mom-in-law? They also told me I forced my ex-husband to buy a house/apartment or I won't come back, like... ??? I clearly told him to rent/buy/even come move to my house. I was even prepared to use the gold I received from Sangjit as downpayment. But no, he didn't want to. (if there's ever a chance/ if they still have the courage to meet up with me, I'm planning to show them our chatting history as proof).

Sometimes, I found myself praying, apologizing to my grandma & God because I'm weak and can't hold on to this marriage. For Catholics, there's no such thing as divorce because what God has joined together, no human being must separate. I'm quite religious and like midichats said, what if it leads to a long, unhappy marriage? In addition, when midichats said she went back to re-read the updates to get to know my situation better (God bless you for being so thorough for my sake Q_Q), something she said struck deep within me; 'Your marriage is not the priority to him'.  It struck me. Because what she said is very likely be the truth and I was very sad. Sad, because I might've been grasping on a small hope; that he might turn for the better but as time passes, it becomes clear that I was never the priority for him. The wedding vows we exchanged held different weights... In any case, I would like to thank you for this. Otherwise, I wouldn't know about my feelings better ^///^

On the other hand, no one from my ex-husband's side visited me again since then. 
I think it's good news? Because I've told my side of the story, so if he/his family have anything else to say or fight for, I was ready to face them. But since they're not here, does that mean I'm finally free? 😂 *sigh* oh well, whatever happens, I will be okay because I have you guys here. Not to mention my mom, who have been quite irritated because every time she's out of the house, someone visited and she missed out lol (first was when they brought back my things, second was this visit from the relatives).

Now then, let's wrap this up before I write more textwalls and forget to tell you about Bermuda's progress last week 😂 

- 18 pages got programmed in! I'm finally finished with the programming, but the last scene still needs some intensive polishing. I will work on it slowly while I work on Chapter 4 part 2's CGs!

- Programmed in 2 new side character sprites, 1 new item!

- Minor Polishing of 2 CGs~ nothing big, just something involving body proportion x'D

My plan for this week is to focus on making CGs! Chapter 4 part 2 should have at least 3 CGs, 4 if I change my mind on one scene... Hmm, I'll need to make up my mind >_<

That's it for now and see you again next week!
Please take care of yourself! Don't skip your meals, drink lots, and rest plenty! :'3


P.S. If I didn't reply on your emails/messages, you can find me here. I will be busy writing replies to each and every comment I've received last week <3



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I'm so sorry to hear that you've been going through such a hard time! I don't read every update you send (I like to see a big leap in progress ^_^;;) and I've missed all of this. Sounds like a lot of stress and I'm amazed you're still able to work on your project! I was very pleased to see how far you've come along and I can't wait to play the final game :D I also loved Legend of the Winged Ones and it will be interesting to see how much you've improved from making that one to this one, especially since that one was already so good :)

Thank you, scribblefingers :'3
Things have been quite peaceful this week, so I hope it continues this way. Thank you for sparing some time to read my updates, I always appreciate the attention and patience you've given me QuQ I hope I can meet your expectations---I certainly didn't expect Bermuda to take this long ^^; but I'll do my best!



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You're not weak hun. It doesn't make you weak to leave a man that doesn't respect you. If anything, it's your strength that allows you to stand up for yourself. If I believed in god like I used to, I don't think he'd blame you, or consider you weak. 

If anything the ex hubby is weak because he doesn't want to try understanding you and he doesn't want  to put the effort in for compromises when you both don't agree on something.

There's no point fighting for a marriage if only one person is willing to put the effort into it.

It takes two to make a marriage work not one person.

Anyway I'm really looking forward to you game! I loved the Legend of the winged ones or whatever it was called.  Can't wait for this one to come out.

Vn's are a lot of work so I've learned, but keep it up!  Mine got cancelled  because I couldn't handle the pressure of leading the project and I sucked at outlines and I can never write something and finish it unless it's a short story lol

Thank you, princessbarb21 Q_Q
I wish things can turn for the better, but yes, as you said, it takes two. I still feel bad for my mom and uncle who represented my dad during my wedding... but at the same time, I'm grateful that my mom took it very well (my mom said she'll tell uncle at New Year). I guess when the relatives visited me and she heard the contradictions, it helped to know where the problem lies. It's not just my ex-husband, it's also my mom-in-law unfortunately :')

Oh well, what's done is done! I'm just glad I have people who'd lend me an ear and support ^///^
Thanks again, princessbarb21! I will do my best with Bermuda and I hope to meet your expectations! >< 

In my case, I'm learning how to make shorter stories because I have a tendecy to make long paragraphs to describe this and that ^^; which can be too long/unnecessary *sweats

(2 edits)

Yeah  she is to blame too,  but honestly  he should have told her off for putting so much pressure on you.   I hope you're doing better than you were.   I'm glad you have a healthy  outlet for  everything that's been going on. ;D

Lol yeah visual novels don't need descriptions like novels do.

I've been trying to write  a novel or vn for years and never succeeded yet. I always get so far then get stuck, unable to continue.  I've never been able to get pass writers block and give up ever time I get stuck.  I have so many unfinished stories it's almost funny.

So I admire those that have the discipline to keep writing. 

Don't put too much pressure on yourself though, expectation  is what can lead people  to being under  a lot of stress.  It's how I set myself up for disappointment  when I expect too much out of myself, every time.  

Thank you, princessbarb21 ^///^

Oh, I have some tips for that!
Usually, I would write short summaries of events from the beginning to end before I decide to write a {i}whole{/i} story. For example: 
- A farmer's introduction/daily life (beginning) >>> meets someone hurt in the forest (complication/trouble)>>> takes care he/she, turns out they have amnesia! >>> funny moments when they tried to help with chores >>> more funny/intimate moments >>>  a knight suddenly posted on the village's bulletin board that the King is looking for his illegitimate prince/princess! (more complication/trouble) >>> the farmer is worried because the description matched the amnesiac guest in his house >>>explained to the guest but he didn't want to go to the castle, comfortable living there with the farmer >>> the knights found them anyway and the farmer got arrested >>> the amnesiac prince/princess came to the rescue & recover their memories when they took a hit for the farmer>>> the prince/princess announced to renounce their position as royal heir to live happily ever after with the farmer

Whoa, that took longer than I expected, but you get the gist x'D
Make a skeleton first before you flesh it out!

You can also slowly explore the facts/re-read the plot to improve them :'3 
I hope it helps. I know too well about writer's block, but all I can say for that is... just do it and push your way through :'D (If needed, with force. You can always come back to polish it lol). I think it's different for every writer, but I believe when there's a will, there's a way!

But you're right, take your time and walk with your own pace. Don't overexert yourself, watch a movie/read a novel. Inspiration takes time and it often appears at strange places~ 


Thank you, very much appreciated.   

  That example is similar   to a outline.   Next time I'm inspired I'll try switching up my outline method. ;D