UPDATE 14/11/2022!

Morning, guys! What's up?
I hope you had an awesome week! -^.^)/

I got a little sick last week and the reason is a little silly ^^; 
So my mom have had enough of me staying home, so she brought me out to touch the grass, walk, and just have a good time. But the next day, I had a fever and sore throat 😂 I guess it's too much for my pitiful stamina? I was out of commission for 4 days. Gosh, I need to start exercising again!

Fortunately, I managed to finish the Antagonist route's Chapter 4!

After contemplating, I ended up not making more CG--because I realized that in one particular scene, it's better to have a close up sprite instead so you can see the variety of expression & emotions involved! I might go back and change my mind though 😅 inspiration sometimes hit me at inconvenient time and places.

The usual polishing is doing great but I have a feeling that I can do it better, especially about the timeline of some events... hmm, should I leave it to the proofreaders to check and see what's not quite right with it? In any case, one step at a time! Nothing is stopping me to go back and forth like usual >:)

For this week, I'll start programming Chapter 5! I'm excited but also a little sad--sad because it's the last chapter and my baby is almost finished Q_Q I know I've said this many times, but I hope I can do this story justice. It's more complicated than I've planned it to be but now that we've come this far, let's just do it and do my best so there won't be any regrets! ><

Let's keep working hard, y'all!
Cheers for another productive week! Still, don't skip your meals, drink lots, and most importantly, don't overexert yourself, okay?



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I can't wait to throw my money at you~

Oh lol, give me your best shot! I'll catch'em all, Shiawase! x'D


ooOOOOoOoooOoooOO the end is so close yet so far away I'm so excited. ><

Top anticipated game on my list

I'm always grateful for your patience, girlygumdrop! QuQ
It's so close!

Great!  I'm excited for you!  Don't be too sad though,  at the end of a finished project, there's a beginning for whatever you decide to do next!

Thank you, princessbarb21!
Yes, I have two new titles in mind and I guess I shouldn't let you wait much longer x'D
Thank you for being here!