UPDATE 8/20/2018!

Hey, guys!

How did your week go? Mine was great -though I somewhat feel guilty for not working much >< 

Now, without further ado, here's what I did last week:

- I polished the romantic scenes 
- Made a song lyric for Hototo, 
one of our superbacker's bard OC! It's kind of a mix of poem and riddles, I hope I did it justice :'))

I also pretty much reorganized the scenes' order.

Other than those...

I also got myself a gift; the remastered version of Hakuoki! *happydance*

The game's size is something else! I think this is the first time I saw a game surpassing 20GB :')) I just finished the download today, so aside from enjoying myself, I hope I'll get some juicy grammar/vocab reference from it~

Last but not least --I'm sorry! I told you I will release the free .psd file on 18th August, but it went past through my mind since I was spending time with my family ^^;;

You can get your free .psd file Here(click me)

Thanks again for the well wishes, guys! As always, feel free to ask anything or drop comments here!



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Ooh i see aww no worries about not working much this week. Everyone deserves a little break every once in awhile. My week has been stressful and I am hoping *fingers crossed* that it lightens up a little

Amen to that! Things will definitely get better and rest will taste sweeter after a good work :'3

Take care of yourself tho, it's easy to get sick these days because of the weird weather (here, it's sunny one moment and then rains hard the next hour x_x)

I'm also crossing my fingers! Here's to a fun and productive week! XD

Yeah agreed. Oof bipolar weather is the worst >.< and yeah judging by everything that’s happening in the world, etc etc definitely will try to not get sick.

Hehe yeah! Here’s to a fun productive week cx 


We can do this! xD

The remastered Hakuoki is GREAT! Hope you have a good time with it!

And nice to know you had a good week - mine was a bit hectic, but it'll be more fun this week

I'm reading it rigt now and man, they added new bishies! >\\\< Aaah, why is there no route for the long haired man? 


But yeah! I'm enjoying myself with the new ones and will compare with the old one later x'D whose route is your favourite? I'm planning to leave Hijikata/Chikage for last

I hope you're doing okay over there, Konoi! Here, I'm crossing my fingers so we'll have productive and fun this week!

My favorite is Okita - he always was. But almost tied with him is Yamazaki. I'm SO HAPPY he finally has a route - if nothing else, for the fact you can finally avoid his death. It breaks my heart every time in other routes.  I also like Sanosuke and Kazama a lot. 

Aaah, yes, I see what you mean :'D Okita's voice actor is also my favorite since he voiced Gorou in MAJOR (an inspirational sport anime) --But the fact that he's sick is just... T^T and the epilogue is an open ending waaahhh!! I dunno, I wish there's something solid we can do for him Q_Q

And yes! Yamazaki's route is very sweet >///< his route turned out pretty awesome and the fact that they ran a clinic in the end also clicks really well!

I'm having a hard time deciding which one is my fave lol, but Kazama's route is still the saddest one so far Q_Q

Didn't do Kazama's route in the remake yet actually, since I leave him for the end. His voice actor is my favorite voice actor ever. I have a literal physical reaction to Tsuda's voice. My chest tightens, my temples tingle and my breathings becomes a bit weird. I LOVE his voice, but it's almost "painful" to me to listen to him so much haha