UPDATE 28/11/2022!

Morning, guys! What's up?
How did your week go? Holiday season is nearing, but I'm quite busy these days because I got hired by Anne to do her new game's character concept art ^.^ If you're curious, come and take a look! https://dripstylish.itch.io/aeterna

She's doing a very good job considering it's her first time and I think the first goal is to make a demo <3
Other than that, Bermuda's progress is doing well! I'm taking my time polishing the last chapter because I found a few problems in the plot--please bear with me ><

- 17 pages got programmed in! I'm preparing myself for the fighting scene & last minigame! I'm also planning to make 1 new background!

- Fixed a small bug found in one of the Antagonist's sprite expression.

- The usual polishing ~

Welp, that's it for now & let's continue to work hard together, everyone! >:)
But don't forget to drink lots, wear your mask while outside, and most importantly, don't skip your meals!



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Congrats on helping with the concept art! I'll def be following that's development, too! :D
I'm so excited this is getting closer and closer. Excited for so so much with it. <3