This is it!

Thank you for the heart-throbbing journey guys :'D This campaign's total fund is $2757!

I have to admit that it saddens me that the main goal is not reached -but I will make it enough! I still have & Patreon helping me fill in the blanks. Oh and my Paypal Shop is still open if there are any 'late backers'!

I'm forever grateful to my 91 backers & 16 paypal backers! I will definitely continue to work hard for you! The updates will still be posted weekly but I'll hold off some sneak peeks later to save for when my script writing occurs or I won't have any sneak peeks to show you x'D

It's really pleasant to know I can still post updates here, so rest assured! 

See you next Monday, my darlings!


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I wish I could have sent you something. Ah, damn life getting in the way of gaming, right?

Anyway, even if I can't send money, at least tell me if I can help in any other way!

Hahahah, I was a gamer but I somehow managed to hold them off x'D now, I'm addicted to reading and it relapsed once I found a good novel lol!

And no worries! You're already helping by letting me know how much you care :"3

I use Itchio to find my games quickly.
I never use Indiegogo or Kickstarter...
Put a pre-order thingy here and I gladly give you my money ^^

I have just added a link to my paypal shop in the game info so feel free to pre-order via paypal :"3 

Currently, I'm not sure how much a pre-order should cost and how it works here in >< will it record your data automatically or not? Should I make a list to send you the keys later or what? Since I'm not sure, I will hold it off for now...

Pssst, there are still early bird packs left in my paypal shop ^.^-


Thanks ^^