UPDATE 8/27/2018!

Hi guys! How did your week go? 

Mine was so-so ><

- I wrote 3.1k+ words, this includes the last scene for Hototo's Superbacker and a bad end.

The story has progressed to the point where Maya is going to meet the antagonist and... honestly speaking, I'm not looking forward writing the fighting scene & the bad ends ^^; the fighting scene is a bit hard since it needs to be better than the last ones, but the real problem is the bad ends!

There are some gory details and blood so I often write until late with a scary music to get into the mood --in the end, I got pretty depressed & scared by myself :')) Aaaah, even though the result is better than expected, I don't like writing bad ends! There are 4 bad ends though, so 1 down, 3 more to go...

- Nevertheless! With this, the Superbackers' scenes are all finished! Yay! x'D It was fun working with you guys <3

- Aside from the usual polishing, I also changed some things in Chapter 4 part 1. 

- In addition, I also found some decent SFXs & awesome BGMs last week!

There's a sad news though...

Crystal Liu got overwhelmed with multiple projects and school so she dropped out from the proofreading, leaving me with 1 proofreader, KrystalFlare :'( 

I'm not sure whether to recruit another proofreader or not --they'll have to read all chapters from start to finish and I'm afraid they'll be far behind if not overwhelmed x_x 

What do you guys think? please leave a comment below to help me think this through ><



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Oof I don't like bad endings either since I'm one of those people that lowkey actually care for the characters and I don't want them to suffer 😅🙈 so i wish you good luck to writing the remaining bad endings

Also I agree with both the previous comments. I think if you think that recruiting a new proofreader would be beneficial then go for it. Definitely think this could be something to ask the remaining proofreader how they feel and maybe they'll know someone who would be interested in becoming a proofreader. 

I hope everything works out and I hope this week for you goes well too!

Thank you, angelinachea! Yes, I think I will do the bad ends for last? The fighting scene is also a bit vague rigt now so I'm stuck between a hard place and a rock  OTL

And yes! There's someone I contacted, hopefully we click and things will become better soon ><

Thank you for encouraging me~ QuQ



Ooh I see aww it’s okay. Sometimes you could look to your fave games, stories, shows, etc for inspiration? Maybe that’ll help ☺️

Oh yay! Yeah fingers crossed 🤞🏻 that it works out

And of course no problem, I just want you to succeed!

Well, I agree with your previous comment about one thing - you must reflect on it; do you feel like you need another proofreader or not? Maybe discuss it with the one you have left too.

I don't think it would be a problem to recruit late in the project though. Some people can be pretty fast - as long as you tell beforehand that the project is well advanced, so they know they'll get a lot of work, it should be fine. 

Haha, you saying you dislike writing bad endings made me chuckle a little. I actually love working on bad ends. For the very same reasons I love doing bad ends when playing. I like to see the bad outcomes so the good ones seem even happier to me. You know, like, being happy for the characters since they had such a beautiful ending because you know all the grim alternatives they've managed to escape

Yes, I personally think we need 2 proofreaders to maintain the quality control >< there are errors sneaking past our radars when we have 2, what are the chances with only 1? 

There's this one person I have in my mind to replace the proofreader tho >< hopefully her schedule is open and we can work together despite the drawback!

As for the bad ends... yes, you're right! It makes things a lot more sweeter and happier afterwards, but it's just hard for me to write them suffering ><; ...not to mention Bermuda has darker and more detailed gore so... *kinda regreting this now :")) should I add more warning? I'm afraid that I might scare you or maybe turn you off ><;; heck, I even have some difficulties designing the CGs for the bad ends *not sure how to make it so it wont be too bloody, but at the same time, it needs to be able to convey the sadness/feelings!

I guess I need to calm down and just go YOLO lol. Sorry my children! Momma gotta do this for your own good! 

...this somehow reminds me when a friend posted a question in his facebook: "Why is life a b*tch? And why does God make our life so difficult?" 

Someone replied like this: "Take a look at the authors who created OCs with dark/sh*tty past."

I was like: ...*facepalm 

Sorry I'm rambling now :")) Anyway, thanks as always for being here, Konoi!



I kinda agree with you AND with that post you're talking about. Dealing with OCs is like being both a parent and a god to them. You want the best for them and you'd like to do only good for them like a parent, but you also need to keep the world interesting and balanced, like a god. I guess the most important thing is the equilibrium, and deciding of how much of a parent and how much of a god you are in each case.

Warnings are a fair thing. I'm really into gore so only very few things would scare me off, but some people are sensitive. The main game I'm working on will have some very graphic bad ends, so yeah, I'll have to put a fair share of warnings too. Though I've decided to take my time with that game and release a simpler and shorter one first, that would royalty free music, no voice acting and things like that. Cheap to make, cheap for the players, and I'll get at least some money for my main project. Well, I guess this one will have some bloody moments too as it's about knights, but oh well XD

x'D listening to you really makes me feel better. I'm a bit reluctant writing the script these days, having low motivation since I got scared off by my own idea's intensity (kinda like, *who drafted the story!? ...Oh, I did... Past me, why and where did you get the idea for such complicated scene!? *continues rambling & ended up not writing anything) I hope you don't mind me telling about these weird moments of mine :')) I often home alone so I guess I just want to vent somewhere ><

Great to know you don't mind the gore tho! Even liking it x'D I think you did the right thing; you should take your time if you wanna find voice actors. We're naturally picky if it's concerning our children's voices, right? x'D 
I also wanted to do part voice overs like "Ah..." "I see..." "I'm sorry..." etc like in Fire Emblem? I really like those, but sadly there are not many Indonesian voice actors here so I focused on finding free sfx in freesound.org :'3

Let's work hard together! I wish luck for both of our projects! xD


Yeah, I'm sure we'll do great! And don't worry, I don't mind you talking about stuff - it's always interesting!

As for partial voice acting, I don't exactly mind it or something, but it leaves me frustrated because I'd rather have full lines haha. So yeah, for my games, I want either a full voice acting or none


hiyo! dropping in from the shadows to say that you've gone a long way~ (been watching since legend of the winged ones 👀 and honestly can't wait for this one!) (quick question, is early birds still available in your shop? i saw it on the list but i wanted to be sure ^^') i'm also here to say: that's up to you! if you think that you need another proofer, then go for it- who knows, maybe they can also find old mistakes that were missed? :p speaking as a proofer myself, coming in late into a project is not necessarily a bad thing - it depends on whoever you recruit (their reading speed, availability, etc) so there should be some discussion there c:

/sinks back into the shadows

Hi, inky! I'm really touched to hear you've been following me since Winged Ones QuQ thank you for being so patient and walking along with me! *hugs

And yes, the early birds pack is still available in my paypal store ;) I usually archive it in my paypal so I can keep the emails to send the pack later~

Having only 1 proofreader will definitely hurt the quality control OTL I hope I could find someone who can handle the workload and could commit to it >< I contacted one person, she's the first person that came in mind when I'm in distress --so I'm crossing my fingers here :")) 

Thank you for coming and giving me your support, inky! Hope to see you around!



aw, no problem ^^ <3 i could like comments, i would-
good luck~!