UPDATE 07/10/2017

Happy Monday! I'm here again! x'D 

A small revision about yesterday, we have 91 indiegogo backers AND 16 paypal backers! Sorry I forgot to write it down >< 

Now without further ado, here's what I did last week:
- Finished 1 SuperBacker character sprite
- 1 background WIP (40%)
- 2 character sprite WIPs (50% and 40%)
- 3 very rough character sprite sketch

I have to say that last week's harvest is poor u.u; so here's what happened:

When I was resting from post-cold, I stumbled upon a website >> novelupdates.com. They translate chinese, korean, & japanese novels and then hell break loose when I got addicted reading them :'))

First, I catch up with a novel titled 'Meow Meow Meow' about a cat got reincarnated into a thousand year old cat demon in another universe. The next day, I struggled with a background texture -I made another mistake when I found another novel called 'The Demonic King Chases His Wife' in my resting time T^T

This is an old habit of mine -I can't stop reading once I got immersed in them OTL please forgive me. The chinese novels are so refreshing once you understand their alternate worlds >< I beseech you NOT to go to that website if you have lots of work to do... once you go in, there's no way out T_T 

I somehow managed to catch up to the newest chapters last week... but heck, this might affect future updates too. Pray so I don't give in to temptation u.u;

Anyways! Enough ranting, here's what I promised last week!

I wonder if he's too dark or still too fluffy O.O; I revised him once, but I think I will do some small adjusting later?

Meanwhile, my patrons today will get to see what texture I'm struggling with today.

I'm sorry that my old habit acting up again, but I think my avid-reader disease will clear up sometime this week or next week ^^; until then I hope you guys will forgive the lack of results T^T


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