UPDATE 9/3/2018!

Hey, guys! What's up?

I have a good news today!

Last week I went to a mountain and isolated myself to focus on script writing! (not literally x'D just in my humble house) And lo and behold! I wrote 6,1k+ words!

There are two reasons why I write so much:

1. We're getting close to Chapter 5's climax! Wooooooot! x'D I only need to write 2 scenes and then the fighting scene with the antagonist will begin! Of course, depending on whose route you're in, the fighting scene will turn out different! Plot-wise, I have to separate the fighting scene into 2, so... 8 scenes until we reach the ending! *happydance

2. I got background commissions! I usually don't accept any commissions since I need to focus on Bermuda, but my new boss is very understanding to let me make only 1 background per week and the coloring type is pastel with not much shading so I think it won't be too hard to slip the time for these :'3

Oh, OH! 
On top of the good news, I also managed to get a new proofreader! Her nickname is Kii*Anima, English is her first language and she's a graduate from an English degree, so I'm really, really happy her schedule is open and willing to help with the proofread! *happydance

Let's welcome her with a warm welcome, guys! *cueclaps&cheers

To celebrate, let's hear a special BGM that I'll be using in the Spring Village! 

I hope you guys are as happy as I do -^.^- really one heck of a week! For now, I'll do my best adapting to the new schedule & take my time writing the fighting scenes. 

That's it for now and see ya next week!


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It's awesome you found a new and great proofreader so fast! And congrats on the commission work too!

As for the music, I love it - the tunes you choose for Bermuda are really right up my alley. Hah, I should start selecting the music for my shorter project too - so much to do haha

Yeah! She's actually someone who offered help a year ago, but the roster is full back then >< I'm really happy when she said the offer still stands!

And yup, it's always good to collect good musics every now and then x'D even I'm still looking here and there, but man, incompetech library is reaally big! I say, i's a good place to start!

You can do it! We can do this! Work little by little and you'll finish a mountain of things before you know it! X'D

I hope you have a great week! Let's be productive but take care not to get sick, okay? :'3



Ooh yay! I'm glad things are working out and congrats on the commissions :D

Also nice choice of background music, I'm a sucker for this kind of music since it's cool, uplifting, actiony and reminds me of like tv dramas c'x

I hope you have a wonderful rest of this week!


Thank you angelinachea!

Me too! I love this kind of medieval fantasy music! The energy and tone have a magical quality to it, like opening a door to a whole new world! I'm really fortunate to find this and can't believe it's free x'D

You too! I hope you have a great productive week and take care, health always comes first!