UPDATE 23/1/2023!

Hi, guys! What's up?
I'm sorry for being late, I've been busy running around because of Chinese New Year 😂
But I have some very good news for all of you! Winged Ones is coming to Google Play!

Remember when I said I have a new day job now? I got accepted at a small game company and now, they're helping me to publish Winged Ones into Google Play! *happy dance* Unfortunately, it won't be free-to-play on Google Play >_< In return of helping me, we've made a contract to share the profits. But no worries! the itch.io version will still be free-to-play because they respect my feelings -^.^)/

We've been working on the bugs since last week, hopefully, we can release it soon! I will keep you updated!

On the other hand, Bermuda's progress is going well!

- 18 pages got programmed in! Currently, I'm contemplating whether to make a new CG or a side CG to complete a very important scene--I haven't gotten the right refs for it so I'm a little worried... I also seriously need to stop overthinking  because I've spent too much time pondering on what BGM to use and staring at each and every dialogue😂

- I also made 1 new side CG (a simple one) + 1 new item image + 1 new variation for the Spring Village BG!

I'm slowly but surely making my way through Chapter 5--please walk with me because this is a very important time for me :'D

With that said, I hope all of you had a great week!
Gong Xi Fa Cai for those who celebrates Chinese New Year! I wish you're all healthy and happy no matter where you are ^///^
Let go of the past and let us work hard for a brighter future~



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Big plans!

*sniff* I'm so happy. That's the best news I've heard in years, I'm definitely going to get winged ones on Google play when it comes out (when does it come out?) I have been using steam link to play on my phone though it's not the same.

Glad everything is going well for you, happy you got that new job!

Gong Xi Fa Cai for you too,

- Dgcast04

Thank you so much, Dgcast04 QuQ
Ikr? We will finally be able to bring Winged Ones around--it's something that I've always wanted to do but I didn't know the right skills so I'm very grateful for this chance!

Actually, I'm a little scared now because so many good things are happening and it's only the beginning of year 2023... usually, bad things will follow soon after in order to balance everything out--But in any case! Let's try to stay positive and give this our all ><

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy bunny year~


Congratulations on your day job! That's so cool! And I know a lot of people that really like being able to play visual novels on their phone - myself included, nothing quite like a lazy morning in bed with a good vidual novel :D - so I am sure people will appreciate it coming out on Google Play. I know I am excited :)

I don't celebrate Chinese New Year (being European and all), but it looks like a lot of fun and a lot of work at the same time :D I hope you enjoy it, but that you also get to relax and take time for yourself :)

Thank you, Sazura!
It doesn't feel real--I mean, so many good things are happening and it's only January Q_Q I fear that the more good things I get, more bad things will follow to balance it out...
But whatever happens, I'm grateful that I've been given this chance to publish Winged Ones on phone <3

Chinese New Year is sooo busy and bustling, an introvert like me gotta take some time to catch my breath, but yes, it's fun for a once a year event! x'D

And you too! I hope you had a great time with your family during the new years -^.^)/
Let's keep working hard together!