UPDATE 9/17/2018!

Hey, guys! What's up?

Last week, a lot of things happened ><

- I wrote 7.5k+ words and boy, was it intense or what ^^;; 

There are a lot of action scenes going on here. Maya also needs to meet 4 important characters first before confronting the Antagonist again. A lot of information is going on here and the fighting + action scenes are giving me a headache, both in writing and programming sense, but I'm sure I can do it given enough time and polishing!

- I'm planning to try and release Winged Ones on Steam. I have a lot to do like getting to know the tax system/contract, learn how to upload the game, how to include achievements, etc. This is going to help me a lot later if I want Bermuda to launch on Steam without a hitch. If things going well, I'm going to distribute Steam keys instead of itch.io keys.

Kii*Anima also plans to proofread Winged Ones first before we upload it on Steam so wish us luck!

- Meanwhile, as I progress with the background commission, I also polished some of Bermuda's Backgrounds.

It's not much, but I hope to enhance them better >< 

I also plan to make more backgrounds later for particular scenes. Maybe I can do them at the same time I make the CGs!

In any case, script writing takes priority for now! As long as this is finished, I can zoom through drawing CGs and programming!

I really do feel bad for making you wait, but I need to keep up the writing quality, so please bear with this slow-as-a-snail me Q_Q

Thank you for reading! That's it for now and see you again next week! 



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If you move the winged ones to steam, could you maybe add a bad ending for our bachelor who doesn't have a bad end? I wanna see him cry and think that would make a wonderful p2p for your steam version of the Winged Ones.

I thought unfair we never got to see pretty boy with his heart broken. The others damn near twisted me into a fit of vomit because I cried so much ;u;
Give me the pain please! Ten/ten would pay for that!

Hi, MiracleCatZ!

I wouldn't say 'move' since I will still be active in itch.io x'D but wow, you're the first person to request me write Mitra's bad end!

At the moment, I haven't planned any DLC for Winged Ones though. Partly due I'm hesitant to touch Winged Ones' script again since my old work defines my past history and it should stay as it is so I can remember the struggles/where I started and serves as a reminder to keep improving myself.

I might give out an artbook DLC/'support the dev' pack if anyone want to donate, but to write something? Um, I'm afraid I'm still too busy with Bermuda for that ><

Still, thank you for coming and telling me your thoughts! I'm still a bit worried whether I can upload Winged Ones on steam or not, but me and my proofreaders will do our best! The Winged Ones' script is currently being re-checked so I think it won't be for another month or two ><

Regardless, I look forward to it all the same! I have to say Mitra was hard for me to go through because I am a masochist at heart. Finding he only had the one ending was a little strange I suppose. I will support you no matter what though and I can't wait to see what you bring to the table on steam!

A while back, I found Winged Ones and immediately fell in love with the characters and plot. I've spent easily over 10 hours on that game, and I'm a fast reader, but I was just absolutely amazed by the execution of ideas in the story. The descriptions were so vivid, the music fit the storyline perfectly, and it was overall an incredibly immersive experience. There haven't been many books or movies that made me cry, but the way the writing just makes you so attached to the characters makes everything feel so much deeper. I'm super stoked for the full release of Bermuda, because if your past work is any indication, it's going to be amazing. Good luck with the rest of the work you have to do, and don't worry about time- it's gonna take a lot more than releasing a game later than anticipated to deter us.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding, GayTree! QuQ 

Time has always been my biggest worry, but to see so many people trust me is the greatest gift you've all given me! 

I'm also really happy to hear you like my art >\\\< I still have so many things to learn and to improve, but I'll definitely do my best to reach your expectations! 

I can't wait to begin programming myself since that's where the true polishing begin, but I can say with confidence that the plot is going as planned and things are looking up so far! I only wish I can write faster :"D 

On the other hand, I'm impressed you managed to finish Winged Ones in 10 hours! O.O; tell me you didn't play until dawn -of course, I'm glad to hear you got so immersed you forget the time, but don't forget to eat and take care of yourself >< Bermuda is double or even triple the length of Winged Ones so I don't suggest you finish it in one sitting ><;;

Thank you for lifting my spirits, GayTree! I hope to see you around!



ooooh the backgrounds seem cool *o* and take your time with the game. I'd rather wait and get the "perfect" game than a rushed game with issues, typos, etc.

Thank youuu! *hugs

The thing I worry the most about is time -I'm afraid you guys will leave me if I'm not fast enough so I need constant reassurance Q_Q thank you for being here!

*hugs back* aww it's okay. I'll be one of the few people that will stick around until the game is actually released so don't worry i will be back every week for your updates \(^-^)/


Ah, it would be so cool to have The Winged Ones on Steam! I'd have an excuse to play again haha!

If you release it on Steam, will it be still free, by the way?

(1 edit)

Me too! I'm somewhat excited but scared at tackling this new platform. The wau they upload the game is bizarre to me ><

But if I managed to, it will still be free x'D

I'll just add a $2.99 DLC titled 'support the dev' if anyone wants to donate lol

That's a cool idea!

Hah, thinking that achievos may be the final push I need to do the ending where Tamara decides to go back haha. Never did any of those since the "going back home" is my biggest pet peeve ever in fiction XD