UPDATE 20/2/2023!

Hi, guys! What's up?
How was your week? I'm really busy these days, my day job is having some rush hour because aside from our game project, we want to do marketing in March and there are lots of assets to prepare for 2 video game teaser/posters for ads and we're short-handed ^^;

Anyways! Bermuda is doing quite good!
- I've finished programming the rough epilogue for the Antagonist. But I'm having second thoughts :'D This week, I'll try to write some alternatives or maybe ask some advice from my proofreader later...

- 1 CG is on base color stage + 1 CG sketch for the climax/closing scene before the ending. I'm planning to have 4 additional CGs. 2 are as mentioned; already on progress, +1 for the bad ending, and maybe a sequence of simple drawings for the epilogue? (I count it as 1 CG, but honestly, I haven't decided which epilogue to go with x_x)

The first CG is going to have 3 variations though. Depending on which path it'll go to (good end or bad end), the CG will change accordingly.
I'm going to need some time to finish the CGs because other than being busy with my day job, I want to do my best in catching/expressing the emotions Q_Q

I hope you still have the patience to wait just a bit longer T^T)/ 
In return of your generosity & everlasting support, I'm posting the full preview of the CG I'm currently working on + progress stages from sketch to lineart to basic color on my Patreon for $5 patrons. Be warned that you will be spoiled about who the antagonist is + a big hint about what the final fight is all about (it's probably not what you're thinking :'D)

I hope I can do these last CGs justice--but no matter what, let's continue to work hard and do our best! >:')

Well, that's it for now! I'm ready to crash the bed!
Thank you as always for visiting & sparing some time to read this update ^///^ I hope all of you are well & see you again next week!


P.S. if you have some questions, don't hesitate to comment down below!


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my question is are you remembering to take time for self-care also? (even if it's just a drink and moment to breathe)


Thank you for asking, Neneka QuQ 

Yes, I try to relax during my free time, but oftentimes, my mind can't help but to wander back to either work or Bermuda >_<; it really feels like 24 hours is not enough for a day 😂