UPDATE 9/24/2018!

Hi, guys! How's your week?

Mine is filled with headache and editing :'))

I wrote 6.4k+ words! Among the 4 people Maya need to talk to, 2 is somewhat done. I sometimes confuse myself with the complexity of the story x_x I'm really struggling, trying to find the right flow of the conversations, but I reckon I won't be going anywhere if I stress about it so I'll make rough drafts for now. O boy, there's going to be some intense polishing!

On the other hand, my new boss, the background commissioner, I assume he's very happy with the result of my work so he decided to add 3 more backgrounds to the list --and maybe 2 more if it's as planned as in his email x'D

Last but not least, do you remember this?

It's been a while since I posted any big previews, so I'm finally going to uncover them in my patreon! 2 for my $10 patrons and 1 for my $5 patrons! 

Don't worry though, I'm going to give you guys a 50% preview the next week x'D

Now then, I'm planning to increase my work hour so I hope we could get to the fighting scenes next week -wish me luck and see you guys again!



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I missed this update, but I'm excited to actually manage a purchase for this! I loved your story for the Winged Ones!

Hi, MiracleCatZ!

Yes and I'm ever grateful for your support! I just secured my developer account on Steam and I'm going to announce it tomorrow ^.^- I only need to wait for Kii*Anima to finish proofreading Winged Ones before I attempt to upload it on Steam!

As for Bermuda, I can't wait for you to play and read my story! Hnnng >\\\< there are quite some time left for me to finish the first 3 routes before I start writing the antagonist route, but I assure you the wait will worth it! >:D

Best of luck!

Thank you, SkyDragon3564! *hugs

Boy I'm so glad you're both here for me QuQ

Lots of luck! <3

Thank you, Ailantan! <3 *hugs