UPDATE 4/10/2023!

Hi, guys, how did your week go?
Mine was... *sigh*...

Tonight, I bring you a sad news...

My little princess, Kiara, departed suddenly to the rainbow bridge...
We went to the vet first thing in the morning because she's having difficulty to breathe since last night. Got an X-ray, her respiratory tube looks fine with no narrowing but we can't see her lungs/heart condition due to obesity. We went home to wait for the result of your blood test, but then... she got seizures and departed 30 minutes later in my arms...

I thought I'd at least be able to spend 4 more years with her. I should've taken care of her better. I know that she's been struggling with obesity ever since we sterilized her, but I underestimated it and here I am paying for it...

You are a good girl and you will always be the best husky I can ever ask for. I'm sorry that I can't be a better owner for you... 
Wait for me at the rainbow bridge with the others, okay?  Be at Peace...

Date Of Birth: 8th March 2017
Date Of Departure: 10th April 2023
Cause: Sudden Heart Attack

After cremation, we're planning to spread her dust into the sea. I don't think I can go with my mother though. It's too hard and too heartbreaking for me. Juno looks confused during her final moments, but I think he understands what's happening because he's not throwing a temper when we went out of the house twice today without him.

...With that said, here's some progress I did for Bermuda's artbook:
- Finished writing the draft for the Character pages; Maya, Guntur, Arya, and Kahlil. 
- After some consideration, I think it's a good idea to compile all of the Q&A sessions we've had before, so I did. If I didn't count incorrectly, there are a total of 110 questions.
- The last time I asked, our proofreader, KiiAnima, is at "Script 3". 

I'm sorry guys, but I'm in a really low mood tonight. I cried a lot and when I thought I ran out of tears, it came out again when I saw her ash urn. I will do my best to cheer up and get back up again, but for now, I'd like to grief.

Thank you as always for sparing some time to read my update. I hope all of you are well & happy no matter where you are :')



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My condolences. Pets give you comfort like no other, and to have that comfort taken away makes it so much harder. So sorry, and in your arms too. I hope every day brings you closer to peace of heart and mind.

Thank you Delia, yes, she's like a family member to me... I'm an introvert and I spend a lot of my time at home--it won't be an exaggeration to say I'd rather spend my time with my doggos than with people haha... it was hard but I'm getting better now, thank you for your kind words <3

Awwwh I am so, so sorry for your and your family's loss. Take your time and grieve as much as you need, losing a pet always hurts.*hugs if you want them*


Thank you, Seraiden :') *huggss
I'm a bit better now, I might need a little more time but I'll get there! 

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thank you, mythyu :')
Even if I try to bottle them up, they all surface right away after I see things related to her, like her bowl, her toy, the place where she sleeps... I can only hope they become good memories soon and the tears will stop 


I'm so sorry! I would suggest taking a break if it helps, but I know sometimes people prefer working as it takes their time off things (:  . Please take care of yourself.

Thank you, owo.
I did take a break because I can't concentrate. My mind became blank when I opened the doc. document last week... I'm not that tired physically, but can't say the same about my mind. We have spread her ashes to the sea, but I'm still so sad whenever my mind wandered to her final moments...


Take your time and rest, grief is hard. I'm so sorry for your loss, I know you'll see her on the otherside of the rainbow bridge, as you said. She'll watch over you until you do, if you believe in something like that as I do. Otherwise, thank you for your updates and take your time getting back into the swing of things


Thank you, jolliroger :')
You're right, the grief hit me hard this time... maybe because I witnessed her final moments really clear, like a slap on my face. The memories still make my tears flow, but I can't bear to put away her bowl or toys, Juno still likes to play with it but he doesn't seem confused/look for Kiara. Maybe he knows, because he's also there in her final moments.

I'll always write an update every week, it's the least I can do for you, but please bear with me as I try my best to cheer up *bows

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Oh no! I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved family member is not easy. I've lost a few family members animal and human my self.  Though she has passed on, she will always be with you in heart and mind. <3

thank you, princessbarb21...
Yes, it truly feels like I lost an important family member. I know she's watching me, but I miss her very much. Her fluffy fur have never failed to cheer me up. It's the fluffiest thing in my life and I like to bury my head in her neck fur whenever I'm stressed  out, but I can't do that anymore now... Well, at least I still have Juno to hug, right? I can only hope he'll be with me for a long time :')

Oh no, my deepest condolences, SweetChiel... I know how painful it is to lose a faithful companion too, so take your time to recover and surround yourself with things that make you happy :)


Thank you, Elseth...
The pain is still here and I miss her very much. I keep hugging Juno these days because I'm afraid to lose him too, but I know that sometimes, reality is harsh. I like to comfort myself by thinking, 'doggos have short lives because they don't have anything left to learn from the world. They live their lives to the fullest and loves unlike any other. They're angels, they're only here for a short time so they merely returned to their rightful place.' Still, the memories are still too painful so please bear with me while I recover :'D

I lost my dog too. We also thought we could have taken care of her better. She was the best dog. I'm sorry. Deep condolences. Take the time as much as you need, Chiel.

Thank you, Kris Akane. The joys and sorrows of a dog lover... We know it'll come sooner or later, but like a masochist, we come for more :') this one's grief hits me especially hard, so thank you for being here and please bear with me as I recover...

R.I.P, and my condolences.

Thank you SongOfInsanity...

Such a sad news! I'm so sorry! Take your time to grief. it's important. Hope you'll feel better soon.

Thank you, Avellana :')
 I know that I should let her go, but my heart is still heavy with guilt, grief, and I miss her so much... all I can say now is; thank you for being so understanding and please bear with me for now...


I am so very sorry for your loss. Every pet owner knows how you feel right now.
Take as much time as you need.


Thank you, Yanonako.
Yes, I still remember the names of my doggos, from the first one until now. They never completely gone. I know the risks when I go and adopt them. The joys and sorrows come hand in hand, and it's hard every time I have to let go, but I still come for more like a masochist :') please bear with me for now