UPDATE 07/17/2017

Today is the lucky 777! I hope you guys get lucky sometime this week and smile more :'3 

Last week is... adequate? Hmm, I'm not sure about this one since I spent a lot of time revising character designs + making line arts ><

- Finished 2nd SuperBacker's character basic sprite (I think I might tweak him again later when I notice something that can be improved/small details)
- Finished 1 minor-important character sprite. This one is complicated and Jesus, I spent a lot of time revising on him -a lot more than the others. I still need to tweak him a bit, but I think I will leave him for awhile until my eyes refreshed :'D they're becoming dull from staring at him for too long.
- 2 minor- important character sprites WIPs (line arts are finished + basic coloring, only needs to shade them)
- 1 very rough character sprite sketch is still going to be revised & polished later.

I don't know about other artists, but believe it or not, I spent more time making line arts than coloring them :')) this is true for CG/BG/Character Sprites with small details. This is why I like to make forest/nature backgrounds lol -'cause they don't need line arts! x'D

But I'll be lying if I didn't say that the progress is a little slow because I binged-read some novels... *cough* 

Anyways! The SuperBackers' character sprites are well on their journey to finish line! I still have some minor-important character sprites to do though. Curious? Welp, here's today's sneak peek! x'D

I have obtained permission to show this sneak peek from Olivia, one of the SuperBackers~ A small insight about what's to come in game :'3 

As usual, my patrons will get to see her full-sneak peek early (today) but she will be revealed for public next week.

Meanwhile, my friend started her indiegogo campaign too yesterday! It's a BL fantasy visual novel, fair warning that it has some dark themes and rated R18 x'D

(click on image to go to the indiegogo page!)

Let's share the words to your friends who like BL!

That's it for this week and see you again, guys! 


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