UPDATE 10/15/2018!

Good morning, guys!

Today, you're up for some good news!

First up, I can't believe I wrote 16k+ words last week :'D I broke the record again! Pat my back by pressing the 'like' button or ':D' in case you're reading this on Indiegogo x'D 

The final battle is just so long, I divided it into 2 parts with so many branches I'm having a headache (fighting variations depending on whose route you're in)! Now, I finally got to the part where the bachelors are going to give the final hit to the antagonist -of course, branching again depending on whose route you're in.

This is probably the longest and exhausting fighting scene I ever wrote OTL.

I also finished coloring last week's living room line art! The early sneak peek is for my patrons on my Patreon for now, but I'm going to show it to you next week ^.^-

For now, I'll show you the 2nd line art I haven't shown you yet:

The reference I used is still from Sade Village, Lombok! This one is going to be a Village Square... or um... Village Hall? It's where the villagers gather to discuss or even eat together when there's a big event/occasion!

Meanwhile, my proofreader is giving a final checkup to Winged Ones' script ^.^ it won't be long now until she finished I think. But, I'm not going to prepare for Steam until I finish Bermuda's 3 main routes so don't hold your breath ><

Last but not least, I have an important decision to announce: 

Last week, besides writing one hell of a fighting scene, I talked to my friend and she encouraged me to put a price on Winged Ones in Steam since it's a commercial platform. You know that Steam now charge $100 for every game now instead of the old $100 for as many games as we can upload, right?

So... here's the deal; I've decided to put $5 on Winged Ones on Steam with additions of 'achivements' and maybe 'trading cards', BUT! I will still update the version on itch.io and it will still be free/pay what you want ^.^

Also, I'm going to send Winged Ones' Steam Keys to my patrons, indiegogo backers, and old friends on Lemmasoft (just send me a message on the forum, after I check, I will send out a key to your email). Not a bad news right? 

Alright, that's it for now! I'm going to have a nice rest for a few days before I continue writing x_x I'm really beat.

See you all next week!


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I stan your updates and it's fun talking to you even if they are very brief c'x 

Anyways, congrats on your progress! :D I hope you're able to take a little break here and there during the week.

And yeah I think it's fair enough, if the platform (in this case Steam) has that regulation and since it is a commercial site which is cool for making a little extra cash on the side then $5 isn't breaking the bank for people who want to play the game through there


Thanks angelinachea!

Yep, I'm definitely catching up with my sleep this week x'D 

I'm also relieved to see you guys are fine with what I plan to do in Steam ^.^- *lots of good reactions in Indiegogo too so there's a weight off my shoulders!

I also enjoy reading your comments <3 thank you for always dropping by! *hugs*

I love your updates they make me even more excited to play this game!!! I admire your dedication too. I have the hardest time getting on and writing some days!
I loved your original game and can't wait for this one. Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you musicalcactus!

The updates are the least I can do for you since I write so slow :"D

And yes!! I feel you so much! For me, I can't write if the mood is not there. We writers --at least for me --need to imagine the scene so if the picture is still uncertain or if I can't get  the right atmosphere, it's like looking through a blurred window!

I kinda forced myself last week through listening to the fighting BGM over and over again :")) not recommended for a long duration -the migraine is real and mentally exhausting.

But we can do this! Let's work hard together and progress little by little! Our games will be definitely finished! *hugs*


Five bucks is more than fair as a price for The Winged Ones. Even before the current proofreading and without achievements it's one of my favorite otome games ever made. Honestly, it would even be worth more, but I understand it would be weird to charge more as people will still be able to play it for free if they take it here. 

Anyway, congrats in the huuuge word count you've managed to write! I'm really excited for that final fight. The ones in the previous game almost made my heart stop - well, at least on Reksa's and Rama's routes, so I can't even imagine what awaits us in Bermuda XD

On a side note, it's so funny - Guntur was the character who directly caught my eye when you first talked about this game. And well, I love him a lot from what I've seen so far. In the meantime, Kah'lil was the only one who didn't really attract me that much. I think I've said that already when I've first played the demo, or something like that. But then, after playing more times, selecting different answers and honestly simply letting time do it's thing, I'm seriously starting to wonder if I don't like him even more than Guntur now. This is so weird haha. Can't tell who'll be my favorite at the end of the day, when I'll play the full version, but it's funny how without new content my ranking still changed somehow.

Thank you for the understanding Konoi! <3

And yes! Boy, there are 2 other fighting scenes beside the final battle and I thought I can't make it anymore intense, but then BOOM 16k+words :")) 

The programming will be even more hard with so much branching... but I'll leave it to future me x'D good luck future me!

And yes again! I thought Kahlil would be the mellowest route here, but as I write, the balance is actually nice --at least for me since the amount of angst/story for each bachelor is about the same. Well, I'll leave it to you readers later to tell me which one you enjoyed the most x'D