UPDATE 5/29/2023!

Hi guys! What's up?
How did your week go? I can finally catch a breath now ^.^)/
Most of my work is done, just waiting for the programmer to finish & the plan is to publish the game on 1st June--here's hoping we won't delay it anymore x'D

On the other hand, Bermuda's artbook progress is doing great!

- 8 pages are done! This time, I worked on Arya's pages and I'm happy with the result <3 
We're at 31 pages now and still going strong! I also found out that if I save the pages in PNG, the result will be much cleaner & higher in quality than JPEG! I won't need to worry about them becoming blurry anymore! OuO)b

So far, the most crowded pages are probably the "Early Design" and the "Clothes & Pose Variation".  Each page is unique and I added some comments here and there~

I also re-check the pages often, because sometimes, I forgot to add some specific images/get the page number wrong. Ah, but some CGs have too much variations so I had to cut them down to 2 😂

Overall, I'm quite proud with the result so far! I'd love to let you see some samples, but maybe later when I'm almost finished with it? 
For now, I'll post a preview on my Patreon for my $5 Patrons >_<; it's been a while since I shared anything exclusive, so this is a much needed opportunity~

With that said, thank you as always for sparing some time to read my update~ 
I hope all of you are healthy no matter where you are and don't forget to smile! \(-^.^-)/ *offers a hug



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hii, do you plan on releasing this on steam? :3