UPDATE 10/29/2018!

Good morning, guys!
Halloween is just around the corner! Did you prepare for treat or trick? xD 

I'm going to treat myself to some movies later, but for now, I have a good news for you~

I finished writing all 3 main routes' Bad Ends! The total is 5k+ words, but boy, gotta say it turned out better than I expected ><; watching Corpse Party's bad ends sure helps with the mood --man, they really have great voice actors! I already watched them but I still get the chills when I watched it again last week!

But with this, all that's left are the Epilogues and the Antagonist Route! *blows confetti* are you guys happy? I sure am! We had went through a lot and the 3 main routes are about to be finished! *inner scream* 

I'm planning to finish the Epilogues this week, polish it, and hand it to my proofreaders next Monday ^.^- so I can focus on learning tutorial videos about Steam's SDK/software; particularly about how to upload them and about making Trading Cards. Winged Ones are going to be released on Steam, remember? Hopefully it can quench your thirst for now >< Bermuda still have some ways to go after all... *cries*

Sadly there's no sneak peek today :'3 gotta have some stock for programming period! 

Alright, that's it for now and see you guys again!



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I'm excited for this. I will have to push more art out to get some buyers. I definitely need to get some money to pay for this ;u;


Welcome back, MiracleCatZ!
Ah, commissions! I see you're a man/woman of culture as well x'D

Take your time! Bermuda is not going anywhere~!


antagonist route- *melts*

aaaa you're working so fast, great job! uwu


Thanks, inky!
I feel like I'm not fast enough tho x'D


Hello. May I ask what the price of completed game is going to be?


Hi, tekkonkinkreet!
Thanks for asking, the completed game is going to be $15 ^.^

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Hello SweetChiel,

Yay! I'm glad that the writing and everything is coming along. Also yes I agree that Corpse Party gives me the chills too lol. Anyways, just wanted to stop by and say keep up the good work and I live for your updates c'x 

Have a good rest of your day and Happy Halloween at the time I am posting this comment hehe :3


Hi, angelinachea!
Yay! Thanks for dropping by! *hugs* 

Yup, I think I;m going to watch some horror movies/ just Corpse Party with its many series to celebrate Halloween x'D
Thank you for reading my updates and hope you have a great day too ^.^-

Hi SweetChiel!

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I commented on your game like maybe around 4 or 5 months ago? Even though I am very impatient with a lot of things, yours is definitely worth waiting for! Your demo is already so amazing, I can't wait to see what the full game will be like! Anyways, keep being the amazing developer you are!

I hope I can buy the full game when it comes out! 

Sincerely, Sugar~  

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Hi Sugar~!

Thank you for waiting for Bermuda so faithfully QuQ I can't ask for a more lovable supporter! *hugs* We still have the antagonist route to write, but I'm planning to do the bonus backgrounds little by little so the CG+BGs progress bar could get faster a little >< I hope you don't get bored with the script word count screenshots :'D please bear with me a bit more~

I think I remember you, but do excuse me if I forget  since I often have a goldfish memory syndrome ><; 

Thanks again for reading and for the warm support! ^.^-

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I'm on fire for more otome games right now, and yours are one of the game I've been waiting for! Hearing that it is twice as long as Nusantara only adds the fuel to the fire. 

I really appreciate this frequent updates, SweetChiel, because I've been brokenhearted so many times on some cancelled games.........

I WILL definitely buy the finished game on Steam cuz you definitely deserve it! $5 spent is not expensive for the game, really, even with my stingy standard.

Have a nice day!

P.S. I have a class in 5 hours and I still have no sleep. Oh well. Priorities (lol)

Hi PangHerHeart!
Aww thank you for following me from Winged Ones and now here! >///<
And no problem at all! I understand the anxiety we have when we're waiting for a game to come out so I hope the updates will lessen your worries ^.^-

Thank you for the support! >///< Oh and to clear things; $5 is for Winged Ones while it's $15 for Bermuda later in Steam. I charge a little for Winged Ones since Steam is a commercial platform, but I will also update the itch.io page so no worries there ^.^-

You too! Take care with class and don't forget to rest! Sleep earlier if you can --I have too many night owl friends here already x'D

Oops, so sorry about the price confusion. Now I know why I felt, "What? 5$? Isn't it a lot more... like fifteen something, but okay..?" lol

No problem at all! ^.^- it's normal to be confused since there are 2 Nusantaras here and sometimes, I have a hard time explaining things to people (this is why I polish scripts so many times before I send them to the proofreaders ><;;)


Dear SweetChiel,

it's so great that you continue to update your followers so frequently, your posts let me feel like I can watch over the process of Bermuda being made! And it really shows your passion for the project - that makes me so excited for your game, I'm sure it will be a great experience and I'm looking very much forward to it. :)

Don't forget to take your breaks and all the best to you (and your lovely woofers)!

Hi, Aciara!

I'm really glad to hear you like the updates! It's the least I can do since Bermuda is taking a lot more time than I expected >< in fact, I'm really grateful since my backers/followers are very patient with me and willing to wait even when Bermuda is now missed its deadline!

And yes! I make sure to have breaks in between so I don't get sick a.k.a delaying the project even further x'D and my pups have been great stress relievers! (I will deliver some hugs for them in your place) --oh, and lastly, Happy Halloween! I hope you have fun and not get tricked by your mischevous neighbours! X'D