UPDATE 11/5/2018!

Hi guys!

Today is a day worthy of celebration!

After more polishing and 4.2k+ words, the 3 main routes are finally finished! x'D I still have the antagonist route to write, but man! This checkpoint means a lot to me, I got a bit emotional yesterday QuQ 

With all 5 chapters + epilogues done, I'm going to take a break for a few days before getting back to work again.

I think Kii*Anima is almost done with proofreading Winged Ones, so I'll prioritize Steam first since I really need to start familiarize myself with it if I want Bermuda to be on Steam >< we worked really hard on this; patching up some loopholes and edited some events here and there. 

Honestly, I'm really nervous with Steam ^^;; what if the upload didn't work well? What if the Achievement system went wrong or there's a bug or something? Gah, am I overthinking it? x_x

On the other hand, KrystalFlare had just finished proofreading Bermuda up to Chapter 4 part 2! Also, the sweetheart wrote a fanfiction of Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones, featuring her OC x Reksa! This is a lovely read for those who were wishing for a sequel ^.^-

Click here to read her fanfiction!

Lastly, I've also finished coloring the Autumn Village Square lineart! Here's a tiny sneak peek for you:

The 100% preview will only be available for my patrons on Patreon for now ><

Alright, that's it for now and see you again next week!


P.S. I forgot to tell you this last week, but we have 4 Bad Ends in Bermuda and they're a lot worse than Winged Ones' so... angst lovers, rejoice! x'D


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/kicks down door/ did someone say angst?

Winged Ones on steam? what a great excuse to replay the game for the nth time again- okay no but really, awesome job at your progress for Bermuda so far! (i feel like every time i don't notice, the week's already passed and you've done quite a lot, haha) i hope you enjoy your break! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Someone is summoned by the angst!
Hi again, inky!

Yes! I really did enjoy the break! It's a great change of pace and thank you for being so patience with me until now! >///<
I'm also glad to hear you look forward for Winged Ones to be on Steam! It's a big step to take and I hope mr.Google and Youtube would be enough to guide me through all the process to upload and other bonus features >< but with your support, I'm sure we can get Winged Ones on Steam sooner or later! *yassss

Thanks again for coming by!


Congraaats! I'm so happy for you (and so genuinely happy about the sheer progress too haha)!

Rest sure is well deserved after that! 

Well, honestly, I'm quite eager for the steam release of The Winged Ones - it'll be a good chance for me to re-read the entire game (not only Rama's route as I usually do). I need to read some things outside of his route in order to do that fanart I wanted to do, as I need to check a few things. I'm pretty sure drawing Rama could be a good way for me to get past my current artblock at least a bit! 

On that note, you shouldn't worry that much about the steam release I think. I mean, even if some things like achievements are a little buggy at the beginning, this happens to all kinds of people, and you can always fix them later. I've seen lots of cases when broken achievements were fixed waaay after the release (or never), so I wouldn't bother that much even if some fixes are needed during the few days or weeks following the release. Though I totally get how hard it is to deal with that when one has an anxious and perfectionnist personality!

Must admit I'm so curious about the bad endings for Bermuda! Since I don't know the overall direction the story will take, I obviously can't predict the kind of bad endings (or good endings for that matter too haha) you'll do, so it's a shot in the dark here. But to this day, your bad endings from The Winged Ones were some of the more impactful I've played. With Rama's (yes yes, Rama here and Rama there, I'm as obsessed as always XD) being the most impactful and heartbreaking bad ending EVER for me. So yeah, my hopes are high? If I can say that considering it'll make me suffer a lot, that at least I know for sure haha! I think bad endings with a story are usually great, especially if they are the results of failing during the final battle or trial or things like that. I tend to "like" these more than the "failed relationship" kind of bad endings. 

There are also a few bad endings that are genuinely among my favorite videogame endings - and I mean, really among my favorite endings, not among what I could consider a well written bad ending or things like that. Though not visual novels, the two that directly come to my mind are the Julius Ending from Tales of Xillia II and Oersted's "non-apocalypse" ending from Live a Live.

By the way, you said Bermuda has 4 bad endings... Did you mean 4 overall (one per main bachelor and one for the antagonist), or was it 4 only for the 3 main bachelors' routes (so that would be either 1 each and 1 neutral or 1 for two of them and 2 for the last one, right), and the antagonist would have his own?

Anyway, I feel like I'm writing a novel here, so I think I'll stop haha. To sum it up, I'm very eager to replay The Winged Ones and happy about the progress on Bermuda. Don't stress things, rest well, and good luck with the antagonist's route!

Yuuup! Thanks Konoi!

I'm also excited for Steam, but I guess we'll go one step at a time as usual and I could only hope mr.Google & Youtube will provide enough guidance for me later x'D

And yes! Rama's bad end is one of my fave too! It turned out better than I expected and certainly one of the best scenes I've wrote, but I'm not sure if Bermuda's bad ends are your cup of tea since... it turns really 'brutal' in some sense and more... bloody? *cough* I'll let you judge it when it's finished ><

Oh and what I meant by 4 bad ends are: 1 bad end each for Guntur, Arya, and Kahlil + 1 bad end for when you pick the wrong choices for the main story. Actually, I forgot to count the bad end for the Antagonist ^^; *badme* There are also some minor bad ends to count, but it's not as long as the bachelors' bad ends so I didn't count it, but... if you count them all, there are actually 7 bad ends O.o; (1 for each bachelor including antagonist, 1 for main story, and 2 minor bad ends)

I haven't seen Tales of Xillia's bad ends & Live a Life yet! Thanks for mentioning them, I'll definitely take a look on youtube later! 

And yes again, I agree that sometimes I overthink things x_x which usually ends up complicating them more than they supposed to *cough*

Thank you for being here as usual Konoi! See you soon!


Well, as I've mentionned at some point, I tend to like gore, so no issues there. Though I'm wondering what do you mean by "brutal" now. I'm not exactly picky about bad endings, it's more like I don't like some specific things XD (the specific things being the relationship not working out and simply fading away - so yeah, since you're talking about brutal, I don't think it's that).

I definitely think Xillia II's bad ending is a great inspiration in writing - and well, it is VERY brutal, especially considering you have to play the fight involved in it. If you watch it you'll understand haha!

And you're welcome!

Aaah, if you don't mind gore then it's all good! OuO 

I'm not sure about how high the market's tolerance to gore so I tried to warn them with hints >< it can be pretty brutal if they involve psychological things like torture, etc... the good example would be Berserk's Trilogy movies *cough*

I haven't watch Xillia's bad end  yet >< But there are surprisingly lots of Xillia 2 videos on youtube! I probably would need to get to know the characters a bit so I can understand the impact o.o;

Yeah, you need to know the characters. And even if you know them, there's a surprising amount of people who think the so called bad ending is out of character. It CAN be, but it depends on how you played the main character during the game, honestly. In my playthrough it was the most (if not only) in-character ending actually haha