UPDATE 11/12/2018!

Morning, guys!

Whoa, I just saw that there's an increase of activity & 'likes' in my Indiegogo and itch.io pages last week! Glad to see you're celebrating with me for the milestone! x'D

Last week I had a nice rest -but I think it ended up as a double-edged knife since... I browsed artbooks online and I found something I fancy *cough* the question is: "To buy, or not to buy" *cryariver* I want to try Gmarket since it's a Korean Artbook, but with the mixed reviews I saw, I hesitate a lot :'D

Well, putting that aside, I'm also glad I managed to get some work done last week!

1. I started writing Chapter 1 of the Antagonist route! 2.8k+ words! Not bad, eh? xD 

Antagonist route would be like a whole another story & with little repetitive scenes so I hope you enjoy it!

2. I polished the main 3 bachelors' Good ends + Prologues! Now, they're so sweet, making me throw up rainbows/cover up my face in embarrassment every time I read them >///<

As for Steam, Kii*Anima is currently busy re-decorating her house for sale so I think it will take some time until Winged Ones' proofreading is done so give us more time, okay? ^.^-

In the meantime, I will take my time to strengthen the Antagonist route plot! >:D

That's it for now and see you guys again next week!


P.S. I told you there are 4 Bad Ends in Bermuda last week, right? Scratch that >< I forgot to include Antagonist's bad end + some minor bad ends so... in total, there should be 7 Bad ends!


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I've been following your updates ever since you announced the game, and I must say I'm so excited myself and for you about your progress! You're one of the most loving and devoted authors I've ever followed- sticking to your project through thick and thin. Every time I see the little snapshot of your word count increasing I get all giddy inside. You make me smile a lot and I haven't even read Bermuda yet! Just wanted to say that I love you lots and admire your work AND that I can't wait for release day.

Aww, thank you for the love, ivyThesaurus! *hugs*
I'm also grateful for you to be able to stick with me from the beginning! ^///^ 

Your support is my motivation and your warm patience is what keeps me going! I also smile every time I see the comments. People are waiting for it to finish -and boy, Bermuda is very lucky to have all you here!

It may take a while until it's finished, but I hope you'll bear with me just a bit longer >///<
Have some cyber cookies and hugs while you're waiting!


Hi SweetChiel! :D 

I'm happy that you're getting more likes and activity and more recognition in general, you really do deserve it. Hope you're also getting enough rest, when I say your demo is really good, I really , really do mean it! I wonder what the good ends are like, they must be really good if it's enough to make you embarrassed (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧! 

Anyways, I have to go to sleep now, school is tomorrow (Math is hard for me)  >^< 

Can't wait to see the full game :D!

Sincerely, Sugar~!

Hi Sugar~!

Aww, you praise me too much! My head is going to become a balloon >///< 
And yes! I hope you'll like the good ends when you read them later in the future! I made them extra sweet to counter the bad ends x'D

I also got plenty of rest last week, so I should be able to write like usual! Hopefully no plot bunnies hopping around --I'm having a little struggle with the antagonist's beginning scenes *cough* but I should be able to overcome it little by little!

Good luck with school! I can't help you much there since I'm also weak at Math x'D 
However, thank you for sparing some time to come by and cheering on me ! ^///^ *hugs*

See you around!


Yesss! I love good bad ends. Especially like in Winged Ones where it continues on and you see the guy's and others reactions to the MC's death. So hopefully some'll be like that and even if not... Well you write amazing bad ends.
Also, when things calm down here a bit I am so gonna ask the hubs if I can help support you on either Patreon or just a tip through paypal or something. I adore your stuff, and don't want you struggling or anything or pushing yourself too hard for all of our sakes. o3o

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Hi Seraiden!
Thanks! I'm glad to hear you like Winged Ones' bad ends >///<

Both epilogues and bad ends will be seen from the guys' POV so you'll get some hot stuff to counter the angst! x'D

I still have a lot to learn about writing angst though. The depressing mood is sometimes hard to grasp and even harder to bounce up from -I'm a fluffy type of person, y'know? x'D I like sweetness that could melt your teeth! *cough* though, I don't know when I strayed from that path and dived head first to dark fantasy ><;;

And thank you very much! *hugs*
Your support would mean a lot to me, but your warm intention already made me smile first thing in the morning ^///^

Happy to see you again!



 Hello. This may seem like a really stupid question, but may I ask if we will be able to see Arya's face without his mask on (I really want to see him blushing)?


Hi, tekkonkinkreet!
Yup! No worries there, you'll get to see Arya's face when you reached Winter Area!  One of my proofreader is especially happy with this x'D

Thank you, SweetChiel. Now I am deeply satisfied. (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)


I actually look more forward to reading the bad ends then anything, I love reading your stories, and hearing how your week has been. Please keep up your perfect and fantastic work!


Thanks MiracleCatZ! xD
Welp, you're not going to be disappointed! I also recommend you see all the bad ends + happy ends before starting the antagonist route! cx

Thank you for coming by often & cheering for me! >////<

Same. Bad ends when done right are amazing. (Like a certain at breaking point wingy boi from the last game. Whoo boy I loved that bad end.)