UPDATE 11/19/2018!

Hi, guys!

What's up? Ho did your week go?
Mine is so-so, I spent the week writing the Antagonist's chapter 1!

10k+ words progress! Wooooot!

There are plenty differences with the main routes, but whether the change is minor or major, I'll leave that to you to decide ;)

However, it does feel pretty tedious since the juicy events take place in the Forgotten Isles ><

Not to worry though! I'm at a point where I only need to write 1 or 2 more scenes before Maya entered the portal!

In addition, I also made some changes/optimization for some BGs and CGs:

They're just small changes in my attempt to upgrade/do some quality-control ^.^- more sneak peek will be available for all my patrons on my patreon today!

Oh! Oh! Kii*Anima is also almost finished with Winged Ones' proofreading! If things go well, I will definitely try and upload Winged Ones on Steam! >///< wish us luck!




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Hi! I just played the demo like two days ago and I have to say that I fell in love with this game! I really like the visuals and also the adventure feeling that the game shows while the story advances.

Oh, and the characters are lovely! I would love to know more of them but I think that I'll have to wait xD

As a programer, what language or software do you use to create this game? And how did you learnt it? I want to be a video game programer someday so I would appreciate very much if you answer me.

Anyways, I will wait for the next update! I will follow your reports from now on!! 

Greetings from Spain! :D

(loved that Kahlil could speak spanish lol)

Aww thank you, TheLostLaura!
I'm very happy to hear you like the demo and characters! x'D

As for the program, I used Ren'Py. It's a free software you can download here:

This is only for Visual Novels though. If you want a broader media (maybe for mobile games or anything else) you should try and learn Unity. I should too actually, but I'm just too lazy :'D 

And yes! I have Konoi to thank for that! She/he fixed the Spanish for me when all I had was google translator x'D
Hope to see you again! 



Awwww!! Thank you very much for responding!!! ;u;

I will  surely be there everytime you upload something! Also don't blame yourself, we are all lazy after all xD (including me lmao)