UPDATE 11/26/2018!

Hi guys! What's up?

How did your week go? I did a lot last week, especially about Steam x_x

So Kii*Anima is done with her proofreading and it sent me spiraling down the path of SteamSDK nightmare as I struggle to upload the game build to Steam :')

Really now, it's like learning programming all over again? The video tutorial Steam provided was vague and it didn't teach me the first important thing: How do I login using steamcmd.exe?  It's a simple question, but I'm originally an artist and not a programmer so it took me a while just to figure this out :'D and then comes the actual nightmare: the game build uploading.

Now don't get me started on how I almost pulled my hairs out when Steam couldn't detect my game file. It took me 2 days -almost 3 just to get SteamSDK to properly detect it and not uploading Empty Steam Folder -you know why? because I missed the '*'. I only missed this star sign and Steam refused to upload my game folder just because of this :'D

Later, after being approved by Steam Staff for release, I also found out that we cannot test the Achievement system because of this:

...But at least Steam is now showing the locked images of the achievement when I installed it. It should be a good sign, right?

In any case, I'm very glad and proud to announce that Nusantara: Legend of The Winged Ones, is now coming soon on Steam and will be officially released at December 7th, 2018!

Click here to visit the store page~

I will also start the steam key giveaways as soon as Steam approved my request for the keys! Including my backers, patron, and loyal supporters, I have 150 keys to giveaway so drop your email down below the comments if you want it ^.^- These keys can be redeemed by users anytime, but they will only allow users to play the game once it has been released on Steam.

Important Note: For those who have played the game before through lemmasoft or itch.io, some of your progress may be shown in the Steam version due to the persistent data files. You may find that the encyclopedia and CG gallery are pre-filled and your old save files may display. This can be solved by finding any old Nusantara files on your system and deleting them before installing the Steam version.

And so, I spent almost the entire week creating and polishing Winged Ones on Steam. Kii*Anima especially worked very hard on the grammar, trying to whip me into shape x'D I definitely gained a lot from her detailed notes! She's an awesome proofreader and an even more awesome friend!

Alright, I'll stop rambling here. I'm sure you want to see some sneak peeks, right? Here, I'll show you what awaits you when Winged Ones is released and its other features unlocked:

We have a total of 24 achievements! It looks a lot but most of the achievements could be unlocked just by playing the routes!

Trading Cards! Badges! Emoticons! And more!
We have 10 trading cards, 5 badges, 1 foil badge, 5 emoticons, and 5 profile backgrounds to collect!

I don't know how many players we much reach to unlock the Achievement and Trading Card system, but given enough time and review/comment, I'm sure we'll reach it ^.^- 

However, the downside is that I didn't get much time to write Bermuda's Antagonist route :'(

Only 1.1k + words progress *sigh*...I know, I will try to pick up the slack this week >< 

I'm pretty beat though. I practically zoomed through Steam's checklist so I can release Winged Ones quickly and focus on Bermuda.

I'll rest until Tuesday or Wednesday before I touch scriptwriting again ^.^;

Alright, that's it for now and see you guys next week!
Please give a warm welcome on Winged Ones on Steam!



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Yesss! Very excited for you! maggerdoodle@stny.rr.com is my email ^-^

Thank you, SwaggieFrench!
I've sent the steam key~ make sure to check  your inbox or spam folder! ^.^-

Yessss I am so ready to play winged ones again for achievements! Will Bermuda also get a steam release? 

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Hi, InvaderZero!
If things go well with Winged Ones on Steam (like the achievement & trading card, etc), YES! Bermuda will also get a Steam release! ^.^-

Did you get your steam key yet? OuO I'm having a giveaway this week, so if you haven't, drop your email address below and I'll send you one!

Thats excellent, it may sound odd but i really like the archive aspect of games in steam, like i archive my itchio/indie stuff on my drive by year but because i use steam so much its always visible and i dont forget about stuff as easily as i would when i put it on a drive, theres always the fear of losing sight of projects and people that i enjoy. Anyway yes id love a key! my email is jphillips.san@gmail.com  :)

Sent! Please check your inbox/spam folder and see if you've received it ~

And yes, Steam is a lot more organized than my drive for sure x'D they also have a lot of interesting features like knowing what your friends are playing, trading cards, chatting, etc --so I understand why people flock over there!

I would love a steam key ;u; my email is mooniepup@yahoo.com

I'm actually excited for both these games now. I want to see the achievements ;A;

The achievement should be unlocked once it's officially released --I haven't checked whether it's functioning properly or not though, so do tell if there's a problem or not ><;

It accepted the key without a hitch. I just have to wait till release day to actually play!

It accepted the key without a hitch. I just have to wait till release day to actually play!

Yay for Steam version! It seems to be soooo complicated to upload it on there though... Congrats on winning yout fight against evil programming.

And of course I'd love to get a key! Do you need the e-mail adress I use in Patreon? I believe it's the same as my regular one - kurozora.konoi@gmail.com

So hyped to play it again and get achievements for it!

Hi Konoi! And yup, I think I've sent the steamkey to your email yesterday!
Please check your inbox/spam and tell me whether you've received it or not OuO

Oh, yeah, there it is, in the spam box, of couuurse XD

Idiot gmail is idiot - thank you!

So glad winged ones is on Steam!! Or will be soon. Glad you got that all figured out but don't push your self to much this week in order to "make up" for last week. You still did a lot of work and deserve to take it easy.  

Just for a shot I will leave this here:  skydragon3564channel@gmail.com

Thank you for being so understanding, SkyDragon3564!
I've sent another batch of steamkeys this morning, please check your email and tell me whether you've received it or not ^.^-

Thank you for the game code. :) I got it.

Ooh the achievement icons and such look cool :) also my week was ehh. Honestly, lately I've been having trouble with getting motivation *sigh* but other than that I hope all is well for you! Even if you didn't make much progress on Nusantara Bermuda but that's okay, you were working on Steam and stuff.

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Thank you for being understanding >////<
Aren't we all have days like that? I often have motivation problems too, but to start is the hardest. Once we start, it's usually hard to stop x'D I hope your week become better as time passes!

Btw, have you received the steamkey? OuO I've sent a bulk of emails containing keys this afternoon!
I might miss a few people though since this is my first time using outlook ><

Yeah that’s true and hmm I’m not sure. I don’t think so 👀

I see... then please drop your email here ^.^- 
I think I either mistype your email or I haven't received it yet ><

oh okay, my email is angiechea965@gmail.com :)


Sent! ^.^-