UPDATE 12/3/2018!

Good morning, guys!

How did your week go? Mine was very busy, busy as in... busy sending out the steam keys, busy doing commissions, busy making a bonus chibi art for you, busy polishing the script, busy writing, and even busy getting sick x'D

It was the busiest week I've ever had, so let me summarize that for you:

1. I've started sending team keys to the backers, patrons, supporters, and requests! The total so far is 171 keys and still going~ if you didn't get your steam key yet, drop a comment below or pm me your email address ^.^-

2. I had 4 commissions this week. I usually only accept 1 per week, but these are urgent commissions ><;

3. Since Winged Ones getting on Steam is a news worthy of celebration, I decided to make a bonus chibi art for you guys! Here's the sneak peek:

It includes Tamara and all 3 bachelors ^.^- and yes, I will give out the .psd file for free at December 7th!

4. As usual, I did more script polishing and continue writing the Antagonist route!

Maya had finally arrived on the Forgotten Isles and is about to meet the Antagonist! This also concludes Chapter 1 and we're starting Chapter 2!

Meanwhile, I also started to go over my notes for Chapter 3. To be more precise, it's about Maya's conversation with the Antagonist, which is going to have a lot of controversy and editing ^^;

So, um... I wrote around 2.5k+ words? I'm still working my way up to the usual 3k+ words per week Q_Q wow, I amaze myself how I managed to write 5k-11k words before -but I'm sure we'll be able to reach that again given enough inspiration!

5. I got a light fever on Thursday, but no biggie! I managed to notice it early and I'm healthy again at Saturday~ I think it's because it's been a while I slept late. Steam is stressing me out more than it should x'D 

Hmm... but things should go back to normal this week, so I hope my engine is warmed enough to write more ><

In any case, I hope your week isn't as hectic as mine and double the fun!
That's it for now and see you in a few days on Steam ^.^-



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Hello :) and my week was stressful since I'm dealing with like school related stuff like transferring, etc*sigh* >-<

I hope you feel better soon! The chibi art is soooooo adorable ahhh! <3 

Also sometimes taking a break can help give you guys time to just relax and take in new potential inspirations around you. Hope you guys don't overwork yourselves.

Hiiiiii! My week was also very busy because of my exams T__T

Hope that you're better now. Ah, don't worry about the inspiration - it's normal. When I run out of ideas I usually take a break and let my mind go relax a little.

By the way, can I have a Stream key? My gmail is laura.marquez.anin@gmail.com (hope that it's not a big deal for you)

Anyways, good luck! Until the next updateeeeeee!!!! 

*flies away*

Oh no! I hope your exams went well >< we've all been there to expetience the horror of it!

And I've sent the steam key just now so check your inbox or spam folder ^.^ I hope it can brighten your day!

Hi Laura!
I sent you the steam key but there's a mistake in the system so you've received the same key code with someone else ><
As compensation, I've sent you another steam key to your email! Please check!

I already beat it on the itch version, but I'd gladly take a Steam key and rebeat it all and help with the Steam stats/whatever you need. :D

Hi Seraiden!

It's a good idea to replay since there will be a major grammar fix, achievements, and even trading cards if we reached certain threshold of review/players! ^.^

Drop your email address below so I can give you the steam key!

Oops, I totally spaced on that, I'm sorry! xD
But it's rumielaf@gmail.com
Rumiel was an arctic fox character of mine for a g roup thing as a teen, and welp. It stuck.

lol, it's okay x'D
I've sent the steam key! do check your inbox or spam folder!

Thanks! I got it. Also when it's out I will SO be linking it/praising it to all my friends, and let the youtuber than does a lot of otome VNs and stuff/voices for each character when they're unvoiced(GirlGotGame) about it when it's up on Steam. :D

Aww that's so sweet of you! x'D
I would like it to have a youtuber to do a walkthrough -even if it's embarrassing >///< -but don't push yourself too much! Just sit back and enjoy the game first!

Deleted 270 days ago

Hi, Nagisa! Aww thank you very much! >\\\< you made me blush first thing in the morning with your praises ^///^ 

You gave me too much credit! You can also do it given enough time, effort, and  stubborness  determination!

I also can't wait to hear your thoughts! Oh and I'm having a giveaway for the steam keys so if you want one, drop your email address here and I'll send you one in a jiffy ^.^-

Deleted 270 days ago

Please check your inbox or spam folder! ^.^/

Lol, I'm also not used to Steam, but it was fun making the achievements, badges, etc ~ I just hope they works like they supposed to! ><

aaaa that chibi ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

It's been awhile since I draw any chibis x'D