UPDATE 18/9/2023!

Hi, guys! What's up?
How did your week go? I feel fantastic because I finally got my delayed salaries! X'D
Thank goodness because I've been struggling with electric bills! It increased ever since I upgraded from a laptop to a PC Q_Q

I wasn't able to get much rest because I went back to work as soon as I got my salary, but all is well~
- Finished 6 pages of Bermuda's Artbook! The Backgrounds section is now closed and we're officially entering Chibis section now! -^.^)/
- Polished the Step by Step section, making sure the steps to be more clear & precise. Less wordy sentences.

Office work is doing well, but I wish there's more holiday >_<; 
We're always busy & now, we're in a phase where we're editing/polishing things. I even had a debate about quality control lol. 
But most importantly, I hope we can release a game without much problem or further delay... Q_Q

Welp, that's it for now and thank you for reading this update!
Let's continue to work hard together and be productive! >:D



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glad you got your salaries!

Me too, nekokitwolf!
Me too Q_Q

So glad everything is going better and you got your monies at least. Stay safe and don't work yourself in to the ground, okay? :3


Thank you, Seraiden!
I'm starting to get very conscious of saving monies these days so it's really a relief x'D
You too, I hope you had a nice, productive week & happy!

the much awaited update ^^


Awww, thank you, bejeweledlily! QuQ
It's my fortune to have your support & reading my updates <3




>u<)/ ~<3
*sending online hugs & love