UPDATE 12/17/2018!

Hi, guys! What's up?

I hope all of you had a great week! Mine was so-so because there are bad and good things happening there ><;

Okay, let's start with the good news!

1.) Fixed the Achievement system for Winged Ones on Steam!

Turns out my Ren'Py is out of date so the Steam Support Library didn't work. After I moved Winged Ones to the newest version of Ren'Py (ver. 7.1 now), the achievement system works perfectly! There are some side effects though, as in; there are some changes in the preference screen, save/load screen, and new quick buttons.

Honestly speaking, upgrading my Ren'Py shouldn't be a problem, but it's one heck of a battle because PyTom made some changes in the script folder + GUI coding so I have to manually move the codes while re-learning the new system. Fortunately, the new GUI customization system isn't that hard to understand. 

2.) In addition, I also moved Bermuda's game folder to my upgraded Ren'Py software. This took quite a lot of time because I need to make sure all minigames work perfectly. There are some hiccups with the dialogue box, name box, timed choices, and audio, but I've solved them all in 3 days so there shouldn't be any bugs. But if there's something I missed, I'm sure I will be able to fix it with my friends help or from a Ren'Py community in Discord!

3.) I encountered a bit of a problem that distracts me from writing (more info on number 4) -however! I managed to bear through it and get some writing done!

2.7k+ words! I know it's not much, but with this, the Antagonist's Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 part 1 is finished and ready for proofread!

As for the bad news:

4.) I went to a dentist again and I seem to have a nerve infection in my front tooth :'D it's constantly throbbing and I officially have several appointments scheduled for the next few weeks --probably more if the dentist is taking a leave for Christmas/New Year.

5.) With Christmas and New Year right around the corner, my proofreaders and I have so many to do! There are relatives to visit and appointments to meet so our progress will be temporarily slowed down >< one of my proofreaders is also preparing to move houses so yup, she won't be able to proofread for a while until she settled down!

Lastly, the giveaway event has ended with a grand total of 184 people! You guys are awesome! *happydance*

Still, Winged Ones needs more reviews and players on Steam in order to unlock Global Achievement count and Trading Cards! So if you have some free time, please come over and write your thoughts ^.^- (copy-pasting your past review is also OK!)

Alright, that's it for now and see you again later!


P.S. I'm sure all of you are also anticipating Christmas and New Years Eve! Have you thought on a new goal for next year? Mine is... to finish Bermuda of course!


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Sorry me replaying the game before I review(I wanna refresh it all in my mind) is super slow going. Holidays/doc appointments for my eldest and just both kiddos have been extra demanding recently.But I finished Mitra again yesterday and am almost done with Reksa's path. (What can I say I love Rama's bad end so I am saving him for last even though I like Reksa a whole lot good end wise, too, what can I say delicious bad ends call to me).

It's okay, take your time! ^.^- we're all busy during the end of the year! So much to do and so little time with Christmas and New Years right around the corner!

aww yeah!!! glad to see another update (even tho i haven't comment much on the previous ones....... it's still great to read about these!!). tysm for the key for nusantara winged ones on steam; i don't think i could ever say enough to thank you for all the hard work you put into everything. and 2k+ words!! whoop whoop!! that's amazing considering the most i write in a day is about 1k tops only, minus revisions and all the other good stuff that comes with writing. i played through some of winged ones on steam but finals are this week so i had to put my game playing on a pause to study :0. once this week's over tho i'll definitely finish up all three routes (again lols) and drop a review on steam! i hope you feel better soon, and i look forward to the weekly updates in the future. ๐Ÿ‘

Thanks Nagisa! *hugs* and you're welcome! 

There's a lot of revisions and polishing going on Bermuda though ><; I want to make my scriptwriting faster -I mean, you've been waiting for a long time now! I feel bad to keep you waiting! But there is still quite a long way to go before the antagonist route is finished OTL

Good luck with your exams! I know you can do it! C'mon, it's the last thing you need to do before Christmas and New Years vacation!

And don't worry about Steam ^.^- take your time and enjoy the game!

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aaaa i hope you get better soon! & i'm awed every time you write 2k+ words for each update :o how do you write so fast? hahaha it's really admirable uwu 

(oh! i'll be playing next week when school's out! super excited~ sorry it might be a bit late c:)

Thank you for the concern and being understanding! *hugs
Actually, I've been worrying about the scriptwriting ><; I've kept you all waiting for a long time now and I feel the need to speed up --but what you said here really make me feel relieved :'D so thank you!

And no problem at all! take your time and good luck with school!


Don't speed up/rush yourself. Take your time so it's not as mentally taxing/wearing you down especially this time of year.
We'll still be here and support you. Heck, the Cinderella Phenomenon tumblr hasn't updated in over 2 months, maybe close to 3 and I know times're tight on them right now. Life happens and health over us enjoying a game early, any day.

Thank you Seraiden! *hugs

I'm pretty bad at predicting dates so I can't help but to worry ><; thanks again for re-assuring me! I really need that sometimes ><